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Modpack networking crash? Please help!

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Hello everyone,

I've really enjoyed working with the Technic Platform, and installing solder. Well, I've got my modpack up and running, and my friends and I love playing on it. However, one of my friend's crashes during the loading process. The crash report is located here. I think it might be some sort of networking issue, but I'm not sure. My friend is running Windows 7 64-Bit. My modpack is Illuminations, which is using Technic Solder. I truly appreciate your help, and hope I can get this resolved soon. Let me know if there is any other information you need me to provide.

Take care and have a nice day!

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The mods in my pack wont load check out my topic please!


​copying my warning I gave to you:

you asking for help on someone elses thread where the original poster asks for help is counter-productive. don't do that

you either help the original poster, or you leave his thread alone

don't spam.

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It would be helpful to see the actual crash-report instead of the full FML log.

From what I can see in the log you provided it seems as though something is crashing related to that client and the "Mojang" splash screen. You might try creating a build without BetterTitleScreen for that client and see if it fixes things.

On a side note, the pool of folks doing support is pretty shallow. The majority of requests here are addressed by one person who isn't always at his PC. If you need more immediate assistance you might try out the #technic IRC channel on SynIRC.

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