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Help needed on installing soldier on windows

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I need help installing soldier on windows. I am making a big modpack, but it would be a lot easier if I had soldier! Also, soldier adds some extra features that i would like. 

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Hi there

It is called solder (not soldier), if you refer to TechnicSolder.

There are very few people (check google and youtube) that installed TechnicSolder on Windows. I personally think that would be extra effort.
I have no windows experience, but installing WAMP or WNMP stack (Windows, Apache or NGNIX, MySQL and PHP) might be a good start. I personally would not use the MySQL part but the inbuilt database of TechnicSolder...would make it a little easier I'd guess.

Additionally...you really want a windows server being online and exposed to the internet 24/7?

Good luck anyway....sorry I cannot be of more help

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And i know it says,"


This application is intended for experienced system administrators and is not intended to be setup on a local home computer.

" I just want to "try" it! :roflolmao:  I might hold off on "trying" it. I want some people who have used solder to tell me more about it before i "try" it. 

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Yes, it is possible to get Solder running under Windows. No, it is not supported on that platform. On a lark I decided to set it up just to see what happens (some time ago). There are numerous points where things are different from the supported (Linux) platform instructions and without prior experience deploying service level applications on multiple platforms most users will not be successful.

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