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If you have ever wanted to harness the power of Universal Electricity, or manipulate the world around you with Thaumcraft and Ars Magica, or go hunting the animals of Project Zulu with the rifles of Flans Mod, then LetsgetQuest is the modpack for you. LetsgetQuest strives to provide the perfect mix between technology, magic, adventure, and survival. Be it a single player adventure or a multiplayer conquest, LetsgetQuest is the modpack for you.


LetsgetQuest was a private modpack that was used for my modded survival. Now, LetsgetQuest 2 has been released to the Minecraft community as a Survival based, Tech and Magic modpack that is made to immerse the player into the world of Minecraft. This immersion comes from the mods in the modpack that add realistic functions to your player such as maximum carry weight and slowed walking speed through snow and on sand. Many combat enhancements have also been added such as sword skills, auto lock-on, guns, and dual wielding. The world is also filled with an abundance of ores to build advanced machinery, and magical artifacts to feed your otherworldly arsenal of spells. One of the most imposing features that this modpack has to offer is the lack of a full health bar. This may quite possible be the most immersive feature as you start off with only 3 hearts, which can be increased through gaining experience and finding heart capsules in dungeons. This creates a sense of vigilance in the player, as every second of the night is a question of life and death, and every second of the day is a decision that can leave you snug in your bed, or out in the dark, surrounded by the demons of the night. If you want to achieve the greatest level of immersion whilst playing Minecraft, then LetsgetQuest 2 is the modpack for you! Please leave your feedback, opinions, and suggestions for this modpack. Thank You!

Modpack Link:

Mod List:

-The Erebus
-More Health Enhanced
-Mine and Blade: Battlegear 2 Bullseye
-Ars Magica 2
-Applied Energistics 2
-Archimedes Ships
-Armor Movement
-Better Archery
-Better Breeding
-Better Dungeons/Chocolate Quest
-Big Reactors
-Additional Buildcraft Objects
-Calclavia Core
-CoFH Core
-Crossbow Mod
-Dimensional Anchors
-Dimensional Doors
-Dynamic Sword Skills
-Extra Utilities
-Flans Mod
-Hunger Overhaul
-Iguana Tweaks
-Immibis Core
-Immibis Microblocks
-Modular Forcefield System
-Modular Powersuit
-NEI Plugins
-Nether Ores
-Open CC Sensors
-Painter's Flowerpot
-Pam's Mods
-Modular Powersuits Addons
-Project Bench
-Project Zulu
-Simply Jetpacks
-Steve's Carts
-Tinker's Construct
-Thaumcraft Mob Aspects
-Thaumic Tinkerer
-Thermal Expansion
-Threaded Lighting
-Too Much Loot
-Universal Electrictiy
-Zombie Awareness
-Pet Bats
-Stalker Creeper
-Minecraft Comes Alive
-Infernal Mobs
-Minefactory Reloaded
-Balkon's Weapon Mod
-Battle Music
-Tinker's Steelworks
-Tinker's Mechworks
-Rotten Flesh to Leather
-Dynamic Lighting
-Java Legacy Fixer


-Press M to open your Minimap options

-Press N to open your fullscreen map

-Press O to open your Battlegear GUI

-Press R to enter Dual Weilding Mode

-Press X to enter Dynamic Combat Mode (Lock onto nearest enemy)

-Press TAB to switch between targets in Dynamic Combat Mode

-Eat Skill Orbs to learn a skill or level up a skill

-Press P to open your Dynamic Skills menu

-Press L to open your Quest Log (Not implimented yet)

-Press C to toggle Spell Casting Mode

-Press X and Z to scroll through spells in spellbook (I reccomend that you remap to left and right brackets, or [ and ] )

-You Start off with 3 hearts. Find heart capsules in dungeons or craft them
to increase your health. If you dont like the challenge, you can change
change it in the config file. But it seems appropriate that you gain
strength as you explore dungeons and kill enemies.

-Tame a pet bat using pumpkin pie. It can level up and fight for you.

-Battle Music starts when fighting most bosses

-Many dungeons and ruins can be found throughout the world

-Post your suggestions in the Discussion Section.

Planned Features:

-Aether 2 mod: Currently causes many ID conflicts, but will be added when resolved.

-ICBM: Adds craftable rockets and missiles.

-Galacticraft: If i can resolve the many glitches that it causes.

animals and mobs: Post in the discussion section what kinds of mobs you
want added. Realistic animals, or Fantasy creatures, or something else?

-Possibly adding custom customized loot to chest.

-Any more suggestions?

Known Bugs:

-Flans Mod sniper rifles show gun in scope's view (Press F1 whiles zoomed to fix)

-Flans Mod HL2 Crossbow crashes game when fired (Just dont use it.)

-Project Zulu mobs are relatively rare (This can be seen as a perk though)

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod sometimes repetitively asking for your
character's gender, name, etc. upon startup. Just repeat the process 3-5 times and your game will start.


-The game may lag when the world is generated rapidly. (For example, when you fly for long distances in creative mode.)


may experience trouble when attempting to switch to dual wielding mode
by pressing "R". Just press the R button many times and you will switch

-Please report any more bugs that you find.










Edited by Letsgetdiamonds
Forgot to add the link to the modpack.

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