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I've made a site to help share Buildcraft Blueprints. Enjoy.

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I've made this site partially for practice, partially because I enjoy playing FTB. Let's get a few obvious questions out of the way:

    Q: What is this site about?

    A: It's a site dedicated towards the sharing of blueprints. Blueprints come from a mod called Buildcraft.  If you don't know what a blueprint is or how to use one, have a look here. Anybody can upload or download blueprints, there's no number of times you can download a blueprint or blueprints in general. There's no number of times you can upload a blueprint(although that would be pretty redundant) or blueprints in general.

    Q: Ok, cool, what's the address?

    A: www.buildcraft-blueprints.com

    Q: Do I need an account to use the site?

    A: Not at all. You can use 90% of the site without ever creating an account. There are some perks that are offered only to registered users, such as the ability to remove/edit his/hers blueprints.

    Q: Nice site you got here, but it seems a little...minimalistic.

    A: Yes, and I intend to keep it that way. It's simple, it's useful, it gets the job done with minimal headache.

    Q: There are only a few blueprints there, your site sucks. Why aren't there any more?

    A: Well no kidding, the content is user generated. As you read this, you're browsing a user generated content driven website, and it seems to be quite an interesting website. If you like the idea, upload a blueprint and tell a friend(about the site I mean, not that you uploaded a blueprint).

    Q: I found a bug, who do I tell?

    A: You can gimme a private message or leave it in the comments.

    Q: Can I upload other types of files too(like CC scripts, etc)?

    A: Not at the moment, in the future, maybe.

    Q: How can I find a blueprint that I created on my PC?

    A: Read up on it here, it's pretty easy.

Here are some sample pics of how it looks if you wanna see without going to the address:




About privacy:

The site uses https, anything you do on this site is on a secured connection. I don't track your IP or such, mostly because it would put unnecessary strain on the database and I see not reason why I should to begin with.

Random things:

The site doesn't have any ads, nor will it ever have.

Depending on the load it may be a little slow, it's still on the "testing" list. If needs be, upgrades will come.

I do expect some bugs here and there.

Again, if you like the idea of the site, upload a blueprint, get some content going.

I'll stalk the comments and answer any questions that may come up.


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