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Need help recoding factions for tekkit classic

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Ok, So I'm running my second tekkit classic server. When I first did it over a year ago, I used a patched version of factions.jar to enable faction claims to cover things like tekkit chests. I cannot find that version (If anyone has it, I will be so greatful) so I'm willing to decompile it myself and see what i can do. I have basically no experience in java or bukkit plugins, but I've always been quick at picking up programming and coding in general. After doing research, i've installed eclipse and jd-gui. I've opend up the factions.jar in jd-gui, Now I'm just wondering where the list is for the container blocks that factions uses? Is it in some sort of table? Where do I look or what do I look for? Or am i completely wrong and need to be doing something else? Any help would be amazing, cheers guys. 

the faction build is 1.7.5 beta. 

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