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MFSU doesn't charge after a length of glass fiber cable (~50 blocks)

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Hello everyone

As I stated in the title of this thread, I have a problem with MFSUs, which seem to not charge after a short amount of glass fiber cable in between the MFSU and the reactor that charges it. The cable is all one piece, it is not split up anywhere, I have triple checked it. The reactor also works since it charges a MFSU if I put it close.

Reading from the wiki, I understood that EU loss for glass fiber cable is 1EU for every 40 blocks of cable. So EU loss could not be the cause of this issue. 

I can post screenshots if anyone is interested, I want to charge a wall of MFSUs for later use. 

Is this a bug or just something I do wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Try rotating the MFSU. I have no idea if it can be charged from all 6 sides or not, as I am pretty sure it only has 1 output side and therefore might only have 1 input side. Also possible that you could have connected the cable to the output side by mistake.

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A MFSU can be charged from any side except the orange dotted side. I tried that also, the problem seems to be that after a length of cable, current does not go through anymore. This baffles me since I have put down a lot more cable inbetween a power source and a consumer and it has worked all times.

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