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Custom Modpack Crash


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Everytime I update my pack it seems like I have a question for you guys. My Custom pack is crashing right at the start up. All I did was add three small mods. I have no idea this time on how to fix this. Im running the latest version of forge, but hey that could be the problem. Because it was a pregame error, there is no crash report. Sorry.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Goof

Link to pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/goofs-adventure-pack.580815

Sorry no crash report :(

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  • Discord Moderator
  • Your BiblioCraft mod is quite out of date.
  • Your Biomes O' Plenty mod is fatally out of date and has a Windows version number " (1)" in the file name. Get the latest 1.7.10 version and remove the Windows version numbers from any mod file names.
  • Your Extra Utilities mod is fatally out of date.
  • MCHeli is not a valid archive and is not installed correctly even if it was.
  • Your ChickenBones mods are fatally out of date. You should be using the "latest" 1.7.10 versions.
  • Your Tinkers' Construct mod is fatally out of date.
  • Your Tinkers' Mechworks is fatally out of date.
  • Waila is fatally out of date.

Many of these suggestions should seem familiar. I have mentioned most of them to you before. Asking for help, getting my suggestions and then not following them isn't very productive.

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I'm sorry man I'm an idiot lol. But if you still have the kindness in your heart to tell me the mc heli problem, that would be helpful. I had an older version earlier that worked fine, but when I downloaded the most recent version, it was a compressed zip file. I figured that it would work fine because some other mods work fine like that? Other than that I will atempt to keep everything updated as well as I can.

Regarding the mc heli, is there something more you have to do to the file after download? 



Oh and another question, regarding twilight forest, how do you fix the biome ID problem with biomes o plenty? Is it as simple as just changing the ids in the config, or should I copy the config file, edit it, and then archive it with the pack as a custom config?

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  • Discord Moderator

A pack is not "complete" until it has a full compliment of config files included in its /config/ folder. These files can be used to improve mod interaction as well as fixing conflicts such as potions, enchants, and biomes. If you have conflicts this link should help you (same process for IDs other than items/blocks): http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/64178-hexxit-modification/#comment-519633

As for MCHeli, it's not built very well and won't be totally compatible with how current versions of Forge require mods to be installed. Current Forge versions will not load (or even start the pack at all) if there are "extracted" mods in the /mods/ folder. You can work around this with some chicanery, which the mod authors should be addressing and aren't. Additionally, the latest version on Curse is 0.9.1 but 0.10.7 is available on the Japanese site.

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