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Before you shrug me off as some technic noob, I have ran multiple default pack servers, and (This is where the current issue lies) a server on my own modpack that has accumulated 8,000+ downloads at the time of posting. When I first made the pack, I struggled and barely was able to get a site whos rate limit wouldn't shut me out after 1 or 2 days. I went to copy.com, but after my file for the pack corrupted, I noticed the direct download link format that worked had changed to a longer more personalized link. After that copy link didn't work I got worried and tried as many sites as possible till I got something that worked. Now here I am two days later with my tail in between my legs and no site to turn to because they all find a way to barely avoid a direct link for free users.

Keep in mind, I dont have the extra funds to spend on a cloud storage for one non profit technic server.

These are the sites that I have recollected trying.

Dropbox (Rate limit KILLS you after a day or two)

OneDrive (I got a link, but it was refused when I tried to add it)

Copy (I got a link, it went through, but the link didn't work when you went to download the pack)

Ubuntu (Been out of service for god knows how long)

Omploader (Prevented a direct link for me at least)

ADrive (Prevented a direct link for me)

ZumoDrive (Prevented a direct link for me)

Google Drive (File was too big)

Mediafire (This one was obvious but was worth a shot)

TeamDrive (Simply did what the above did)

JustCloud (^^^ Should I say more?)


Can someone please tell me what to do, because every second I sit here trying and waiting for it to fix, I am loosing my playerbase I worked my ass off to get. Thanks and have a good day!

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