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    • By HalestormXV
      Magical Divination

      Magical Divination is a non-tech modpack created by Nerd Storm Production. It focuses strictly on Adventure and Magic. There are a variety of changes made to the actual mechanics of Minecraft that make this pack quite the challenge. This pack is NOT for the feint of heart. This pack is for those that thirst for adventure and exploration. The pack used Solder integration so updating is not an issue and will be fairly quick after the initial download. All mods within the pack are at the current stable (if not better) releases of the mods contained within. If there are issues with the mods I will provide what help I can but more than likely it is a problem with the mod itself. This mod has been tested on both SMP and Single Player and works without issue.

      The pack offers a questing system as well as enhanced NPC Villages. The Modpack also contains a variety of terrain generation mods that will reward your exploration with various dungeons and towers that contain loot. The modpack has been configured to allow loot from these special chests to contain some otherwise unobtainable items from other mods.

      Magical Divination also contains a survival system. You must maintain your health and be careful while traveling in darkness. There is no telling what terrible creatures lurk in the night. Players will also come across events that can and will create an even larger challenge. 

      Do you have what it takes to embark on this epic adventure of Magic and Exploration? Do you think you can survive the creatures of the night? Try for yourself and see.

      But wait there's more....Magical Divination is completely compatible with SMP. So perhaps you want to embark on an adventure with some friends.
      (This post will be edited with a server pack as well as an official Magical Divination Whitelist Only Server)

      All mods in this pack belong to their rightful owners. I claim no ownership of any mods in this pack.
      Permissions List
      Mod List
      Nerd Storm Production Minecraft Website
    • By tubbytoad42
      Platform Page Official Feature Site Mod List   Serendipity Unlimited is an all-inclusive mod pack for Minecraft 1.7.10, primarily designed to compliment the official Serendipity Network server for the modpack. With a perfect blend of technology, industry, magic, adventure and automation in over 140 mods, this pack will never leave you bored and has something for everyone!   Please visit our official feature site to see more about Serendipity Unlimited