Plese uptade flans mod!!! on b team

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No need to be so condescending, he simply made a typo.

1) Same guy.
2) Guy is suggesting to get a mod from a website that's not the original source (as all Flan's content is gotten from flansmod.com), and that suggested website is one that doesn't even exist (or if it does, it is currently offline, making it a very bad source indeed.).

He deserves all the condescendation (that's the scientific term. True science fact) in the world.

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    • By SeniorTaco
      Hey, I built this really cool flans mod hunger games world, (using the Official Flans Mod by heroqbe), and when I go to back it up its not in the save file. Nor some other worlds. I really need to back it up, having a bday party soon. 
      Using OS X mac
    • By diamondtinker
      Hey Guys I need some help,
      My Attack of the B team won't launch, I don't even get a mojang insignia. I downloaded the latest Java version, and that didn't work. I also got a Paste Bin crash report so you guys could look at it. I'd like to know latest by tomorrow because me and my brother wanted to record this tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, here's the crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16856945/
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      How does one get the taming staff from tropicraft?
    • By Blueeye45
      Hey Everyone looking for a FlyBoys Server! [1.7.10]  [10+ players needed!]
      We just opened up a professionally hosted FlyBoys server and want you to join us! FlyBoys is a gamemode created by the one and only Bdouble100 and is a compilation of several extremely fun mods. We are looking to get about 10 people on the server but everyone is welcome. 
      The basic rules of the game are:
      -Build a base with your designated team
      -Be mature
      -Dont ask to become a mod, admin, etc.
      -NO stealing from opposite team until battle.
      -NO Whining about teams
      -Have fun
      Contact us on Skype or TS3 for server address!
            For the special modpack NEEDED to join this server add either       : aidanmussalli OR chriscrosby5 on SKYPE or Join our Teamspeak 3 server at: sj01.gameservers.com (Pass: Flyboys)
    • By photonenglishman
      My b team will load and the strings of file names will appear on the progress bar above the play button then the whole launcher will disappear, usually the Mojang screen appears but instead the launcher reappears like nothing happened, I have 8GB of RAM on my laptop and 64-bit Java. Also I have the console open and it sends this message when it stops and returns to the launcher;
       Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0
      Any and all help would be appreciated thank you very much for your time.