[1.2.9g] DreamCraft [Towny/Tekkit] 35 Slots [Open Server] [No Mystcraft/Dim Doors]

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* Few Banned Items *

(Designed to use Most Mods/Items Amongst All Words)



Start Playing DreamCraft At:

DreamSpeak (TS3): DreamCrafters2015.enjinvoice.com



GREAT SERVER For Players New to Tekkit

(*Great Tutorials*)


Small Friendly Community: 35 Slots




PvP Arenas (WAR)


Player Ranks
Nomad: Start in Game with Few Perms and Read Rules to Become a Citizen
Citizen: You Read the Rules and are Ready to Build!
(2 Weeks on DreamCraft? - You've Earned the Right to Place a ChickenChunks Chunk Loader)
Noble: One Month of Upstanding DreamCraft Play and You Get access to CC

Donator: You Give to DreamCraft? We give Back! (NO OVERPOWERED Donator Packages)

Staff Ranks Include: TS3Mod, Tekkie, Helper and Mod

Highlander: "There Can Only Be One!" Player with the MOST PvP Heads for the Month


DreamCraft - One World - Many Lands

Dream - Main World - Protection is Towny - NO Resets - NO Mining - NO Destructive Items - NO Building in the Wild

Resource World - /Warp Resource - NO Protections - Resets MONTHLY - MINING - Limited Destructive Items - Short Term Building Permitted

Extreme Dream - /Warp Extreme - NO Protections - Resets Approximately Every 6 Months - Weapons and Destructive Items Banned Elsewhere Are Permitted in Extreme - Build (but Hide)



ChestShop: For Players to Buy & Sell

ChestShop Notifier: For Monitoring Transactions

PvP Logger: Once You Engage - FINISH!

Lift: For Places to Small for Stairs

MCJobs: Customized For Tekkit

PlayerHeads: Chance of Beheading and Take 25% Loot

Lottery: Every Two Hours

Brewery: For Fun Beverages

BankCraft: A Place to Protect Some $

WAR: PvP Arenas

Quest: NPCs Give Quests for Cash & Prizes


Adventure Awaits - Places to Visit - Lots of Secrets - Hide Away and Build Alone or Join DreamCraft's Community








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I went on the server. But, I was shocked at how many banned items were banned. Heck, I knew a big Towny server that have few banned items and gave permission to "Trusted" rank to use items that were banned. Half of the modpack is banned. What the point playing Tekkit if you playing 50% of the modpack items? 

Of course, you may blame the modpack items, but there are responsibility that you should have taken to avoid banning items.

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Thanks so much for the comment. I am curious how long you played on the server? (My guess is you spent more time writing the review than you did playing on the server-99% of players get on, log in, read banned items and leave.) We have a banned item list that is on par with most other multi -player tekkit servers. With regards to it being our responsibility to provide protections, I can assure you that in every instance possible we configured to keep the item and change the config. We have actually been heavily complimented by our player base on how "safe" their stuff is while still living in full on PvP worlds (outside of towns of course). Other players have commented that originally they thought the restrictions would kill us, but have now become dedicated players. The beauty about multi-player servers is there is always another to play on. At barely 2 months old, we are developing ourselves well. We have also unbanned items as we figured out how to better handle perms. I do wish that the negative comments were reserved for after some play time though. We really don't have many more things banned then many servers. Fortunately, we created a server based on how we wish to play! Best of luck in finding the server of your dreams ... There is ALWAYS another out there, which is why I LOVE MineCraft! Humbly, Kall (DreamCraft co-owner)

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We have recently unbanned all EE3 ... Computer Craft is enabled in Extreme Dream ... Several more destructive items permitted in Extreme Dream now ... MFR Chunk Loaders UNBANNED to be used while people are online

and MORE!

Check out our website for most recent changes to Dream!


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