Launcher Suggestion: Minimum Modpack Specs

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Hi Technic Team!

I have been seeing posts from people who are trying to run large, resource-intensive modpacks on older machines that can't handle them. For example, I was just over on Talonos' issue tracker trying to explain to a user why Blightfall won't open for someone who has only 1GB of RAM to dedicate to Minecraft and is running a 32-bit OS.

This got me thinking - why don't you integrate a feature into the Technic Launcher that will allow modpack creators to set recommended minimum specs to run their modpack, and if the launcher is running on a PC with lower specs will warn users that the modpack may not play correctly (or at all)?

For example: There's a good chance you will need at least 2GB of RAM to run Blightfall smoothly without any crashes. If the amount of RAM dedicated to Minecraft is set to be only 1GB, when a user tries to play Blightfall they could be prompted with a message like:
"This modpack ("Blightfall") has a recommended minimum of 2GB RAM. If you proceed, the installation may fail or the modpack may be unstable. Do you wish to proceed anyway?" Options: Proceed, Cancel, Help. ("Help" can be a link to an article with common issues, such as having too little RAM, running a 32-bit installation of Java limiting the RAM options, etc)

I think this might help to reduce the volume of people with topics like "Helpppp modpack wont openz" or "black screen then crash, plz don't ask for crash report bc i dont know wer to find them".


P.S. I know the crash information and the location of the crash log is output to the Technic Launcher Console, but why not have a more elegant way of displaying this information to an average user? I'm sure the Launcher, when re-opened following a crash, could pop-up an alert that says "Minecraft has crashed. A crash report has been written to [file location]. Would you like to view the crash report?" This might confuse the average user though so maybe it's better left as something we have to continually re-explain to everyone who wants help...

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