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Recommend items to ban on tekkit


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I have nukes and tnt banned on my little creative server after a "friend" had a major drama fit one night and started using nukes on everything he had built. Which bleed over and destroyed other peoples stuff also in the area. Thus I banned him and banned nukes and tnt at the same time.

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Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of EE - unless you plan on only playing with a few friends. May god be with you if yoy leave EE enabled and unattended...

The only items you should delete are ITNT and Nukes. Also, MAYBE ban the catayltic lens. NOT the destruction catalyst. Don't ban the transmutation tablet whatever you do.

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I would suggest banning all EE items (Not blocks) with the exception of the philosoohers stone, portable trans tablet, klein stars, destruction catalyst and murcurial eye.

Possibly Quantumsuit armor, due to how op it is...

And if your server can't take much strain, you may want to ban/limit Computercraft.

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Iron Chests has been updated since 3.0.4. Unless you have updated however (strongly suggest you do, force fields and ccSensors are amazing), a bug existed with Crystal Chests. When the chest contains an enormous variety of items, it can cause large amounts of client side lag. This may be due to the chest running the calculation to determine which items to display too many times.

Again, always look for alternative solutions/ actual fixes before you go streight up banning something. Every item is loved by someone, and banning too many will send players in pursuit of a different server.

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I personally Reccomend visiting this thread: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/patch-for-ee-mining-tools-no-more-griefing-with-them.6642/ to allow EE2 items. I run the server protech on 3.1.1 and I use it.

Also the only things i have banned on 3.1.1 are

-balkon's cannons

-Rm furnace (dupe bug)

-black hole bands

-lens's& destruction cataclist (own choice)

And the mining lazer can be loggin in 3.1.1 with hawkeye, Good to know :D

p.s I disable collectors(considered op),anchors(cause lag) to be sold at hefty price at spawn shop, then an admin

places the item for them once payed.

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Do yourself a huge favor and get rid of EE - unless you plan on only playing with a few friends. May god be with you if yoy leave EE enabled and unattended...

indeed, god WILL be with you, in the form of someone with:

A): enough power at their disposal to charge a BatBox IN ONE TICK.

B): a swiftwolf's rending gale, and the ability to fly.

C): BOTH a quantum suit and gem armor, costing both 300,000,000 EU and 300,000,000 EMC and giving them the ability to survive several nukes at point-blank

D): ANY and EVERY weapon in the game. muskets, cannons, the dreaded archangel's smite (as well as the fire version), nukes, dual-force-field + frame solar-powered world-annihilator devices, blowguns (feel your health draining straight through your protection diamond armor!), the all-powerful mining laser, and the power to control time (yes, they would have DM-pedestals.)

E): a base that is designed to be literally impossible to enter without going under the bedrock and breaking through it, using High-voltage solar arrays at nuked-out bedrock level to power an array of force-fields going exactly one block past the 43-block force-field maximum damage range, with nether-side nether-portal force-fielded stuck all the way to the top of the world so nobody can teleport in like that. (yeah, I know that this would cost like 40,000 EU/tick for a larger base of this sort, they would be able to get that much, remember the insta-charging of BatBoxes I told you about? I am fully aware that HV solar arrays cost like 2.7 million EMC and a lot of EU to make, but they would have it, lenses, etc are very powerful in the long run.)

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Always take your servers gamestyle and scale into consideration.

If you want an economy running efficiently and easy, forget about EE - it will utterly destroy any hopes of having a balanced economy (unless you are very skilled at setting up a server and intimate with how the mod works, then you can probably leave some of it enabled).

Also a good idea would be to fix the minimum interval of redpower timer to at least 1 second and also disable cobblestone generators.

Anchors, anchor carts, teleport tethers and dimensional anchors - get rid of them, they will hug memory and ultimately cause lag.

You should also consider disabling BC transport pipes, since most players out there are generally very bad at using them - it will cause entity overflow if left running = heavy lag.

Disable Dark rooms and add bonemeal, buckets and bowls to deployer blacklist.

There literally a thousand things you can do, and it all depends on your preferences. How do you want players to play on your server?

I speak only from experience when I say that EE is probably the worst thing that ever happened to large-scale server owners.

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Can anyone advise me on how to remove individual items from the server?

Go to your Tekkit Server file and then to your config. Open the NEIServer.cng with your favorite word processor. It should look like this-

#NEI Server Permissions

# Names are Comma (,) separated

# ALL, OP and NONE are special names

saved.creativeinv=, jusupov






saved.magnet=, webkinz38

#List of players who can use these blocks.

#Anyone not listed here will not have these blocks appear in their item panel.

#format is {itemID}:{itemDamage}

#Eg. 12:5=CodeChicken, Friend1





#List of players who can use these features.

#Eg. time=CodeChicken, Friend1









notify-item=CONSOLE, OP





The "list of players who can use these blocks" is what you want to use. just type in any block's # like this: 237:0=NONE. Or if you

want to use it then type:237:0=OP.

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