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[3.1.2] § Tekkit Realms § [Looking for Staff] [150 Slots] [Towny] [Player Shops] [Few Items Banned]

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Dear server owner

Im jdogroyalty im 16 and live in the us. I think you should hire me because im very good at tekkit and follow are the tekkit rules in a server and would live to become staff. Because i seen other staff on other staff on other servers and the suck and i i think i do better than other staff. Play tekkit/minecraft since it come out. I love to be staff and inforce the rules cause no one does on you server but i would be glad to me an Adam on you server. so please let me be a staff on you server.

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In game name:Vantalias



Why should we hire you: I have been playing both Tekkit and Minecraft since it first came out, I have had a lot of experience and i just love helping out people i play with.

Previous Experience:I have played on many servers as admins and have made the gameplay fun for the other people on the server. I have also followed every rule given to me and have not gotten kicked off.

I really hope i become an addition to your staff.

From, Vantalias

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  • In game name: ak47isftw
  • Age: 14
  • Country: USA
  • Why should we hire you: I think I would be a good staff member and I will ALWAYS enforce the rules of the server. There is no "getting a freebie" in my dictionary unless the person doesn't know diddly squat.
  • I believe that people should listen to the rules. The rules were made to keep a happy, healthy environment for people to enjoy the game.
  • Previous Experience: I've been a mod on two servers and a co-owner on a friend's server.

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Yo I want to be a member.

Game name: SpycrabYoutube


Country: United States

Reason to be hired: I am a great builder, and have a pretty good skill with redstone. I can work fast, and learn twice that speed. This will be my first multiplayer project, but I did many single player.I can also build most tekkit items.

previous experience: stated above.

Please hire me, I look forward to it,


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My IGN is dazikio

My age is 16

I live in America but I have lived in other places too.

You should hire me because it has been my dream to be a mod for a server and watch it. I haven't disobeyed rules on a server. And I have got banned from my friends server for 10 min because we were seeing if banningnsomeone would work.

I am very good at building. At least 2 years of vanilla minecraft and 5 month of tekkit.


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  • In game name: Joakimek98
  • Age: 14
  • Country: sweden
  • Why should we hire you: i know the most things u can do in tekkit, there is only some small things that i don't know
  • Previous Experience: have been on alot of servers being one of the staff, been helping people by learning tekkit thos who r new to tekkit and those who don't know so much

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  • In game name: TDMlegend
  • Age:13
  • Country:England
  • Why should we hire you: I'm good at tekkit, I help people out a lot, and I usually help people who have been previously griefed.
  • Previous Experience: To be honest, this would be my first staff server, But I can always learn! :)

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In game name: CarpeDiem293

Age: 17

Country: US, Eastern time

Why should we hire you: I'd like to help the server and its players any way I can. Im also a fairly decent builder and can do plugins. Im a laid back and fair guy that can get along with pretty much any group of people, but I don't tolerate players who blatantly break the rules.

Previous Experience: I started playing Minecraft in about Alpha stage 1.0.1 since then I've held various staff positions on numerous servers, including owning 3 servers of my own.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :) If you want more information my Skype is Kaleb.Perez

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Applying for staff

In Game Name: tutwubbaJR


County: U.S.A

You Should Hire me: I have a LOT of experience with tekkit as i have been playing for a while. I'm friendly and I can help players throughout their gaming experience on you're server.

Previous Experience: About 2 years ago I was an admin on Madoshi, a former popular server. I am very adequate with Tekkit. Please consider this post.

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  • I would like to apply for Moderator status on your server.
  • In game name:X_termination
  • Age: 14(15 in a couple days)
  • Country: USA
  • Why should we hire you: I think you should hire me because I beleive some people could use my help if they got greifed. I am fairly good with plugins but i need to know the name. I think I would be fair and only give items to those who have been greifed or a immature Moderator /clear on his inventory. I would bn after warnings and jail before ban (If server has pluggin if not kick) 3 chances for spam 1 for greif and 1 for stealing 0 for attempting hacking or duping.
  • Previous Experience: I am Moderator on 3 servers and admin on 2 and own one vanilla server(For IRL Freinds or close online ones) I dont crazy spawn once at first i spawn in stuff for house then thats it. I have been complemented saying i whould be bumped from Moderator to Owner status on one server after that owner was annoyed and De-modded me. (Didnt include in the 3 server i am Moderator on).

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  • In game name: Same: Alamthatos
  • Age:16
  • Country:Canada
  • Why should we hire you: I have a strict, but fair judge-mentality and have a very good knowledge of tekkit, i have not played on the server at this time, but will prove what i've got if needed. i am a fairly active player and would probably be on everyday after school.
  • Previous Experience: I have been mods/admins on various servers and have always been said to be friendly and helpful.

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  • In game name: SpartaD333
  • Age: 13
  • Country:
  • Why should we hire you: You should hire me because im active, and a great worker. I am always wanting to help peoples out. I have never gotton banned. the server i used to play on shut down. i would like to be a mod/admin and make this my new permanet server
  • Previous Experience: I have had loads of succes on servers, and i like to build. i think you would make a wise choise if u hire me

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IGN: Lucasmone


Country: England

Why should we Hire you?:

You should Hire me as I am Helpfull,Willing & I know a lot about tekkit (I can help people)

Previous Experience: Owner of server, Mod 5 times, Admin twice, and Helper 8 times.

I hope you will chose me to be you next Mod,Admin, Etc..

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Applying for Admin/Staff position-

ING: Elemental_Sage

Age: 23

Country: USA

Why should we hire you? I'm currently not working due to having a child so I spend the majority of my time on the computer. I love to help people. I'm very polite and direct and I'm told I'm very very friendly and sweet. I will always be logged into the server ( Unless an emergency happens to come around like my face lighting on fire or something strange like that! ) I have Skype, Team Speak and Vent.

Previous Experience: I use to host my own server and I have been an admin on a few other servers. -I have references if you need-

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IP: Tekkit.legends-realm.com

Welcome to Tekkit Realms! The brand new Tekkit server open to everyone!

Latest News: Looking for Staff: Scroll to bottom of page to see Details!


Tekkit Realms is Towny based server, meaning that users can create their own Town or/and Nation and start their own kingdoms! With Towny you can protect your builds and ensure that griefing is prevented. This server is extremely open and versatile meaning that you do anything you want, with stupendous amounts of plug-ins making this possible! If you want to Role-play and create a factory, you can do it!

Our Unique Selling Point at Tekkit Realms has to be our Spawn. Our spawn utilises the latest plugins inorder to give YOU the best experience possible.

Spawn Tour:


Spawn: This will be the first thing you see upon entering. These boards the essentials commands in-order to use this server.


Spawn Castle: This is the castle that we call spawn. It was built by us over a long period of time and we it is something slight unique for a Tekkit Server!

Bank: This the bank where players can safely store one chest full of items in our vaults. Using a clever plugin, simply right click one of the chests inside and it will open your own personal bank account that noone else can enter!

Server Specifications:

This server revolves around the marvellous Tekkit! Tekkit is a collection of Modifications to ensure the best Minecraft experience! You can download the Client Here.

Processor: Intel Core i7 4.6GHZ


Hard Drive: 2TB SATA

Upload Rate: 100MBPS


Admin: Laptop903, Xknight

Mods: Horoxio, Flarox

Guards: pending...


Click the titles for more info:

Plug-ins you need to know about:

  • Towny - Create towns and nations, protect and sell land
  • ChestBank - Access your own personal bank account to store items at the bank at spawn
  • ChestShop - Allows players to buy and sell items via chests. A great way to make money
  • MobArena - Visit the MobArena at spawn and duel Mobs to progress through the levels and earn rewards!
  • McMMO - Provides a RPG aspect to the server allowing special perks and reduce times on certain skills

If you wish to have a plugin that have enjoyed using before and would like to see implemented on this server please simply reply to this with below form filled out:

Plugin Request Form:

- Plugin Name:

- Link to Plugin page:

- Reason for Requesting:


Below is the current overview of what is allowed and what isn't on Tekkit Realms. We have tried to keep the rules minimal to ensure that people can still have fun.

  • Griefing is NOT allowed under any circumstances.
  • Swearing/spamming is NOT allowed. This server is aimed at people of all ages and their may players as young as 11 playing. (TO enforce this, there is a plugin which disables swearing in the chat.)
  • PvP is allowed, though refrain from mindlessly killing directly outside of the spawn.
  • Raiding is NOT allowed under any circumstances.

If you are doing something that you believe to be wrong, please query with a member of staff who will be happy to help you.

Breaking any of these rules can result in different forms of punishment. Small rule breaking can result in a mute, jail or kick where as more severe breaking of rules can result in a Temporary or Permanent Ban.


Voting is very important to keep the server populated. If you feel that you are enjoying your experience on the server, we politely ask that you click the link below and vote for us! Of course we pay you for your gratitude. In return for voting we will give you 5 Diamonds and $1000 In-game coins!

Links for voting:

Vote on Planet Minecraft: Here

Vote on Tekkit Server List: Here

Staff Application Form:

We are currently looking for staff for our server, if you feel you have what it takes to be a member of staff, please fill out the application form below:

  • In game name:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Why should we hire you:
  • Previous Experience:

Please post your application as a reply to forum post. Thank you and Good luck!

ign: Zanman02

Age: 10

Country: North America

I am an experienced builder who bans people for good reasons like for griefing and especialy trollong.

One of my friends hosted a server and made me moderator. He wnt on instagram (dont ask) and put the ip up (server is down). Many people joined and 20% of them were griefers/trollers. I sent them to a non-griefable jail and if they did something bad that I wauld kick them.

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