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[3.1.2]ArcadianTC[PvP/raiding][96 slots][No whitelist][Factions][Too many items]


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ArcadianTC Tekkit Classic Factions

This Great faction server that contains constant betrayals, new defensive tactics being deployed each day, and a place where you can battle alongside some of your favorite Friends Along with a variety of Factions , ArcadianTC is a place where you can play With our staff members. What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and come join Play.ArcadianTC.Net.

We feature Unlimited worlds, No lag, 24H new player Protection, Floauction, 100% up-time. AND MORE so come and check us out. http://arcadiantc.net





Catalytic Lens:
Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.

Black Hole Band:
Bypasses anti-grief to remove water in protected areas without permission.

Mercurial Eye:
Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.

Watch of Flowing Time:
Can be used to sabotage another player's automated processes by altering speed of components.

Dimensional Anchor:
Can easily crash the server by consuming all hard drive allocation.

Tank Cart:
Key ingredient in an item duplication exploit.

Bypasses anti-grief to set fire in protected areas without permission.

World Anchor:
Consumes extra server memory, which may slow or crash the server.

Anchor Cart:
Consumes extra server memory, which may slow or crash the server.

Feed Station:
Unattended animal breeding can result in animal overload, severely slowing the server.

Frame Motor:
Bypasses anti-grief to move blocks into and out of protected areas without permission.

Dark Matter Pedestal:
Fills the server log very quickly when activated, potentially running the server out of storage allocation and causing a crash


Uptime: 100% 24/7


Major plugins: Factions, Essentials, vault etc

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