[1.0.6] MC Legends 200 Slots come join!

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hi i have set many servers up i would love to help with all the plugins and perms i do it alot and i know what i am doing so if you need the help just shoot me a email and we can get on teamspeak or skype.

gmail :[email protected]


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The server is up however working through a few bugs which i reported first.


hopefully open for building and alpha tomorrow!


Please be patient i havent forgotten about any of you!


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I would love to help out, I have never worked on a server before but I'm ready for new experiences so I would love to help with this server 


Skype: racoonatemybutter

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Ladies And Gentlethings! 


The Server is open for building 


Bear in mind spawn in under construction and not much has been done but the server is open for connections but be warned reboots may occur for config changes!


The IP is:


See you in there!

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Hmm this seems interesting.. I would love too be a builder but as a lot of people know it takes time too build such in depth creations but if you do accept me too be let's say a builder I will be extremely grateful and do my best to make what you want.


IGN: Coolman65527

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Hi dude would love access to your server

IGN : yoman567890

skype: lewisttierney

And I have professional admin experience

Would love instant Access!

I love setting up plugins and permissions and most commonly, I am the dev on other servers!

Thanks -Yomanz

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Forgot Important Info

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server is on whitelist please reply to apply

Hey I want to apply! As i said in my previous comment, I have lots and lots of experience as a administraitor on multiple big servers.

I want to help out and I feel i can help alot! Please give me a chance.

IGN: memristor

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Minecraft username.
-> XxNinjaxX
Skype username.
-> Will be willing to give upon request
Are you willing to use teamspeak?
-> 15
What Server are you applying for?
-> MC Legends
What is your Time Zone?
->Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00)
How active will you be on MC Legends?
->I will be active on weekdays from 2:40 to 4:45, on weekends I am busy with family.
Are you willing to follow the guidelines and rules?
->Of course, that's what admins and other staffs are supposed to enforce. I was not willing to follow these rules then I shouldn't be considered worthy of being a staff member.
Will you be fair and respect players, listening to both sides of the story if any conflicts arise?
-> Yes in any scenario. That's what we do and that is what I'll do.
Player A drops his pickaxe on the ground and player B picks the pickaxe up... Player A asks for the pickaxe back but player B won’t give it back. Player A then goes on to flame and swear at player B, What do you do to player A and or Player B?

How will you deal with this conflict? How will you resolve it? What actions will be taken?
-> First you ask Player A to calm down. Then you politely ask Player B to give back the pickaxe. If Player B is unwilling to give back the Pickaxe you must take it from him yourself. Due to not listening to a staff member and also breaking a rule, the result should in turn lead to a temporary or permanent ban.
In the event of a major catastrophic event, are you able to come online and calm the community down?
-> My charismatic skills don't rival that of world leaders but I can get the job done.
Will you support the server by mentioning us to your friends or anywhere?
-> Yes of course and any server i join usually gets recommended to my friends and family.
Will you be dedicated to MC Legends
-> Dedication is not a quality found in many people. They become lazy and move on. Whilst I will stay and keep my job as an admin a priority.
Why should we consider you?
-> I have many servers worth of experience, due to low funds they shut down. I also had once co-owned a server with my friend. I don't plugins but I can relate and co-play with players.
Do you have previous staffing experience?
-> Yes
Anything else we would like to know?
-> Thanks anyway if I get it or not....

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Hey dude I would love to help your run this server

Ive got plenty of moderator and admin work on other servers and I think this a really cool idea

IGN: greenguy02

skype: thegreenguy02

contact me :D

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