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[Request] [32x] SummerFields pack for tekkit/technic

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Hi guys~ i just wanted to ask if there is an ongoing texture pack support for SummerFields?


i love this texture pack, one of the reasons is that Diamonds sparkle with this text pack and the wheat sways in the wind.

Its a shame. this is one of my most favorite texture packs but it seems like its not being updated at all after 1.2.4 T_T

i want to atleast put it up to date on my own but im not a texture pack maker (i would like to but i dont know where all the files are for tekkit/technic)

can i ask some help on how to create an animated texture pack (similar to the diamonds and wheat)? and what is the name/location of all the necessary texturepack for Tekkit

tho please link me in if there is already a SummerFields texture support for Tekkit/technic

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I would port it, but I'm currently busy with my own ZekoCraft.

You could check out ZekoCraft if you would like.

I will check this out and update IC2 and only IC2 for this texturepack until I get the time.

Any links to your text pack? and no rush~ i would just have to endure seeing the default 16x skins of the mods

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Because the side mods aren't as gigantically, enormously, bloatedly massive as the big names are.

Honestly, I have the time and resources to do this myself, but I have no artistic talent. Damn my pleb genes.

im trying to edit my own copy of summerfields using the technic pack support of sphax... i more or less copy paste existing images and recolor them~ the only problem i have is that the technic sphax somehow overitten the sprite for my iron gold and diamond... the one that is animated

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