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[1.0.7]FSG Tekkit Legends Server[PvE][250 slots][Market]

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Enjoy Tekkit legends, unlimited fun at FunSquareGames



Server Rules:

  1.  No Griefing
  2.  No PvP
  3.   No Raiding
  4.  No Stealing
  5.  No Fowl Language
  6.  Be Nice


Disabled Items: (List subject to change)

  1. Diamond Dolly
  2. All chunk loaders except personal
  3. IC2 Nuke


Plugins: (Just a few)

  1. Player Heads
  2. VoteRoulette
  3. WorldBorder (4000 radius)
  4. Televator


TeamSpeak IP:


Fun Square Games is a small community of experienced staff and many players who devote a lot of time to maintaining servers, modpacks, mods, and having a great time. Each staff member has a lot of expiriance and everyone has their own expertise but will do our best to make your time with us great. Also don't forget to check out our forum page for more information about us at







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For being a "FUN" server the admins are sure lazy. Pastebin for mining turtles are disabled and there were 3+ admins on at the time. so they told me to make a ticket about it. why should i wait 3+ days for a ticket when admins could of helped me right then? my program was legit non harmful to the server. but the moment i try to let them know it doesn't take but a min for them to add it to my turtle i was threatened with a ban for "Disrespecting staff" for a new server they sure don't like players 

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Thanks for contacting us about your issue. As you said, issues should be reported through our site ticket system, here:

As I'm writing this, I can't seem to find your entry in our open tickets. Please come to our Teamspeak server at, if you need assistance in entering that ticket.

At funsquaregames, we love to have fun and ensure our players have fun too. Sadly, some players can get a bit enraged, troll around, feel obligated to spam chat, and prevent other players to have fun. When such issues arise, it is our duty to protect the community and help those players to cool off by muting, temp ban, or perm ban them depending on gravity.
As I go through our chat logs, it appears you did need to cool off yesterday and our mods should have muted you before it reached our already busy admins. We'll address that so it doesn't affect the community if another occurrence were to happen.

Again, thanks for your report, and we can't wait to see your ticket and check out how cool that quarry script of yours is.

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The Fun Square Games tekkit legends server has been updated!
We are now running version 1.0.7!! So come join us on our server and enjoy your time with Fun Square Games!

Also we unfortunately with this update we had to add the IC2 Nuke to our disabled items list.

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Thank you for your patience everyone. We are now updated to 1.0.8 on Tekkit Legends. This mainly just updated the already existing mods on the pack. ALSO, we will be opening a fun, exciting Tekkit PVP server very soon. So keep an eye out for that update as well. As always we hope you enjoy your time on our server and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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We would like announce the opening of our new hub for our modded servers!! The ip for that is:

Also our Riot Legends PVP server is now open. It is a pvp version of tekkit legends. So come on and join us for some fun!

Thank you,

 -FSG Staff

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