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IMPORTANT! - 3.1.2 Dupe Glitch Fix

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Dupe Glitch Fix

EDIT: It occurs with all tubestuff items with the ID 194 as far as I have tested. You should add "194.*" to your block breaker blacklist.

There is currently a dupe glitch involving a block breaker and a retrievulator. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it before, but I haven't seen anything posted about it. If a user puts an item into a retrievulator and breaks it with a block breaker, it will return twice the items. 1 stack of diamonds will turn into 2 stacks for example.

The fix for this is simple adding the ID "194:5" to your RedPower block breaker list. I suggest all server owners do this immediately before someone abuses it on your server.

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By the way dreadslicer, i don't know if you know but there's a dupe glitch involving the Item loader, chest cart and a track, it dupes stackable and unstackable items and i can show you how it works with a video, but i don't think i am allowed to post it so just inbox me and i will inbox you it or you can always add me on skype as i know quite a few crash bugs, glitches with servers and dupe glitches : waqar_3361.

Thanks for readin, i'm not trying to advertise a duplication glitch, i am just trying to get it patched :D

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