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Hello, I wanna ask you a question

Have you made your first modpack ever and has over 60 mods and you want to update but the .zip file is too big?

Have you ever wanted to show your players how many mods in your modpack without download?

Well, Solder is the solution

Solder is a PHP app made by Technic to make updating modpacks easier

But Solder is for system experts, And you need a VPS or a Dedicated Server

And you cant afford a VPS and cant install Solder?

Simple, I offer a free solder hosting

Solder is already setup on my VPS

The free package contains unlimited mods

And also, I can install Solder on your VPS too if you want

If you want to host, Simply post a reply below and give me your Skype ID and we can talk about it

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Sharing solder is a very good idea, installing it for other people is also a thing.

Lets just get one thing clear: Solder on its own is free.

A user that wants to install it on his own vps can do that any time he wants for free without any mod limit by following the docs


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Hello ,

I would like to host my Modpack with solder :D

I havent got a good pc , so VPN is not usable for me...

My Modpack is Hidden , so you cant find it that fast

Its named EElite (means Electronics ELITE , but i think EElite is cooler)

I need hours to upload the zip...

So , i would like to host my Modpack with solder !

Just 1 question :

Is there an interface , so that I can upload it directly or do I have to send it to you and wait for you first ?

Skype: davidkel2003

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