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Hey everyone!

I started my Tekkit Legends World on a server yesterday and learned what EMC and ProjectE is all about since i didnt have EMC on Tekkit Lite, which was the only pack I really played till Tekkit Legends came out(THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TEKKIT LEGENDS, it's the first Pack good enough for replacing Tekkit Lite in my opinion <333).

Now, at the beginning gettin EMC didn't seem too easy for me. So I decided to make an automatic EMC Generator(VERY SLOW ONE) using a Turtle, a Cobblegenerator(Lava, Water) und an energy condenser set to generate Gold, that i could easily put into my Transmutationtable to make other stuff out of it. But Cobblestone is quite slow and not worth very much, so i thouht why not let a Turtle excavate a 15x15x64 area. The only problem: Not all Items can be turned into EMC, so the Turtle isn't able to put these Items into an energy condenser. I solves this problem by setting up a second Turtle just for sorting my Items. I know it is nothing special, but it may help some others at the start of the world.


1: The Chest my excavating Turtle puts the stuff into. A normal Chest is just fine as the other turtle pulls everything out very fast
2: Sorting Turtle, this Turtle runs a code sorting the EMC Convertable Items from the others
3: Alchemical Chests, you can also use bigger iron chests but there are not too expensive so i used them
4: Condenser, the Sorting Turtle puts everything thats EMC convertable in here
5: Chunk loader, so you can leave it alone
6: Excavating Turtle

Here follows the Turtles Code:

while true do                   //Loops Sorting
  turtle.suckDown()             //Sucks Items from Chest
  if not turtle.drop()          //Tries to put itemstack into Condenser
    if not turtle.dropUp()      //If Item cant be turned into EMC tries to put it on upper Chest
      turte.turnRight()         //If upper Chest is full, turns right
      turtle.drop()             //Puts Items into 2nd chest
      turtle.turnLeft()         //Turns back left

Btw we need LUA support for code ;D

As i mentioned above its nothing special but it might help you at the start :)

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