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Slot limit vs ram limit on servers

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I currently run a small 3 person server on the 1.7.10 pack with 3gb of ram, unlimited slots.

Had the server up for a while, but it seems to be laggy now  (I blame my mate who wants 4 minefactory laser drills and enough big reactor - reactors to run them xD)

According to mcmyadmin the ram is running on average at something like 80% rarely dipping below 70%, and usually when we go to login its at 100% ram use, so we usually restart.


Anyhow, I've been thinking about us making a new world lately, since we added his cousin who is new to mods and is a bit overwhelmed by everything.


But I am wondering in peoples experience, is it better to run a server off  ram limit, or off  slot limit ?

I am aware ofc that there is no such thing as unlimited ram.

So like, running on I think the minimum slots limit is 4 slots.

  I run on roxservers.


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If your going to be running a modded server you'll want a fair amount of ram. Enough to run the server smoothly with the amount of players and mods you want.

I normally stick with 8GB on my modded servers, and I never have more than 10 people on at a time. Also having hardware with a decent to high end processor and or SSD does help a lot.

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