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What to do on my Tekkit server?

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I have run our of ideas and things to do on tekkit. I have like 2000 red matter but what's the point there is nothing to do with it. I need some sort of idea or a list of things to do. Different buildings or something so please guys help me out here I love this mod pack and I want to get more out of it.

So far I have built an underground complex that holds my nuclear reactor, the whole underground facility is only accessible via a very meticulously coded operating system on my computer (logon, clearance etc)

I have built a mob trap that generates red matter

I have many solar arrays

And I have the best weapons and armour, but there must be more to it :D SOOOO TELLL MEEE

Hell re-create



YouTube It!

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Double posting? Im guessing you got disconnected by the forum and clicked reply twice.

Note however that most mods wont like double posters.

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You should do something cool, maybe go big time. Like there's so many little servers but I've yet to see one that really went big time. If you don't know what I mean then maybe you shouldn't be trying to step into the server game yo

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Oh dear... Triple posting are we Josh?

On topic:

1) Perhaps making a building out of diamond blocks ( :) )

2) Underground water and electricity wires/pipes to power a city.

3) A underground mobile system using frames.

3) A school and hospital with hospitaly stuff in.

4) A university and binotical diversity centre (for IC2 crops)

5) Make a public machine room, shared liquids room and shared resources room, and a working donations system.

6) Market with Trade-O-Matics.

7) Military base.

8) Underground secret lair!

9) Secret underground lair.

10) Publish the world here when you are done.

11) ...

12) Profit.

13) Make a factory area, with factory's making loads of things, such as a Logic factory. (Producing RP2 logic tiles)

14) Make a cafe, with a brewery in the basement.

15) Jaffa Cafe.

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So much necrcomancy...! If threads were sentient, this one would be deeply traumatized. But on topic...

Maybe make a computer-managed trade system. The best way I can explain what I've been thinking of is through example.

Player A has an abundance of copper, but is out of food. He goes to his town's trade computer, and logs in. The computer displays a list of all the trade offers that are pending. It's a small server, so no-one's offering anything he can use. He chooses to make a new offer, and tells the computer he's offering copper in exchange for steak. He puts some copper in the output chest and the system whisks away to a large secure storage.

Meanwhile, in another town on the same network, Player B has just used up the last of his copper. The cave he's been getting ore from has finally been depleted, and the only thing he really can rely on is his cows. He logs onto the trade computer in the town nearest to him, and notices Player A's great deal. Eager for copper, he puts his steak in the outgoing chest, and tells the system he wants to complete offer <short ID number>. The system takes B's steak and store it away. It takes Player A's copper and sends it to the trade station that Player B is using. Player B leaves satisfied with his copper. But what about Player A? He got nothing yet, and all his excess copper is in B's hands! That's to be taken care of soon enough.

Later that day, he logs onto his town's trade computer again to check up on his offer. He gets a notification, saying that his offer has been completed. The system takes B's steak out of storage and drops it off at the trade station A is logged into. Now A has his steak, and B has his copper. Everyone's happy, and the system is nearly impossible to cheat in a normal environment!

Optional: Allow use of digital currency.

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