[1.1.1] ? PLAY.MINEPOW.COM TEKKIT LEGENDS ? [Survival Anti Grief PvE] [Factions Raiding PvP] [Clans] [Jobs] [Fixed Items] ? VOTED #1 TEKKIT SERVER ?

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This is a very fun server , I was trying to find one but this is the best! Thank you guys for the effort that you did to keep this server alive and fun . Love ya :D

IGN : HuskyAsky , meet me there , maybe say me hi :)

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This server is amazing! id recommend it to anyone!
what i like:
Discord - Wayyy better than teamspeak
Survival with Economy - makes boring tasks more worthwhile
MCMMO - adds some more fun to MC


Overall it is the perfect mix of things, and i like it! Minepow is the best server ive ever been on!

IGN: diamondxephos123

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This is the Best Tekkit Legends server that I have found so far.

It has a perfect mix of economy and survival that plays well with the mods.

The staff are well experienced and mature and the community is great.

And they use discord too! All the servers that use teamspeak don't know what they're missing out on.

But seriously, it's awesome.

- Shreddedzombie

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Have tried a few Legends servers, this is by far the least laggy, and has a good community/player base.

Lots of fun and great setup.

Find me ingame and ill give ya steak, lol    

IGN: EvilKilem

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On ‎12‎.‎10‎.‎2015 at 4:18 PM, harrycmc said:

This is best Server who make it I love you!!!!!rsz_minepow.png

Minepow Tekkit Legends

IP: play.minepow.com


  • Anti Grief w/ Modded block protection
  • Online 24/7
  • Frequent Updates & Events
  • Market shop is done through a GUI (no more messy shop warps!)
  • Gem armor, ComputerCraft, ProjectE etc enabled for all players
  • Earn money whenever you like, using our Jobs system
  • Family Friendly
  • Development team constantly working on new updates
  • Custom Plugins

Modified Gameplay

  • ComputerCraft Exploit Fixed (ComputerCraft is enabled for all)
  • Guns Disabled (PvE server)
  • Chunk Loaders disabled (intensive)
  • Land Marks disabled (intensive)
  • Gem armor fixed (enabled for all)

Our Community

We're looking for friendly, fun, and kind players to join our community. We believe that we're a great community to be a part of. We have our own TeamSpeak server, game nights, contests, give-aways and much more. We go the extra mile in ensuring everyone has a great time on Minepow. We look forward to meeting you!













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This sever is actually pretty good, there is rarely any lag and when there is some it is only for a small amount of time and quite playable. The admins and players in general are really nice and helping, and with the new faction server, it just keeps getting better!

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very good server with very intuitive calming mechanism

would like for the situation with power flowers to be better (as in being able to craft them without paying £100)

very good people and you can pick up some good deals on the market

server restarts every hour

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Excelent server!!!, the only one with more than 20 players everyday, you earn stuff and money by voting, what more can i say... the best tekkit legends server

IGN: FireManPT

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Best Server Ever!

This is the best tekkit server I've ever played! There are so many people willing to help you, if you need any! They welcome new people and the staff are amazing! :)rsz_minepow.png.8984ae24b278471b4e6984e2                 #Minepow4lyfe!

IGN: SoupJon


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