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Help Problems With New Tekkit Server [Dedicated]

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Hey I've been trying to set this up for days but all the online guides are for tekkit servers run off your own machine whilst mine is dedicated. I can't find anyone to help me and more then likely if i try to proceed in this way I will screw my server up. I've found 1 or 2 guides online about how to setup a dedicated Tekkit server but there all sh*t so.....

More info: The server is running on CB-1.3.1-R0 or CB-1.2.5-R4.0 I can change to ether one at any time. Also the server is not brand new it was originaly 1.2.5-R4.0 with all plugins ect. So I am not starting from a blank sheet. (I'm not sure if this will effect it in any way).

I really want to move to the newest version of tekkit but I keep running into difficulties

Any help would be appreciated

you can find my server page and my PMC for PM's here

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define installing I'm using ftp along with the multicraft CP I'm not entirely sure where to put all the files example the tekkit.jar or the mods because some of them are .zips and not .jars (this is my first minecraft server and my first tekkit normal minecraft with plugins im fine with but this is new)

If you like i can skype u and then screenshare it

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