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[3.1.2]*OniTech*[50 Slots][Whitelist] Release Your Inner Oni...

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OniCraft/OniTekkit is a developing, 24/7 Dedicated Enhanced Survival Multiplayer Server with a great community, mature players, amazing Staff and fun, fair gaming policies!

tnt.png Server Specs tnt.png

Intel Xeon Quad Core (E3-1270v3) 3.50Ghz


500Gb SATA3 HDD & 128Gb SSD HDD

Datacenter Location: Chicago (IL), U.S.

Unlimited Gaming Bandwidth (4000Gb)

NIC Port: 100Mbps

Ulimited Player Slots

Unrestricted Game & Plugin Installations

cobblestone.png OniCraft/OniTekkit Server Features cobblestone.png

Truly Enhanced Hard Mode SMP: We use a wide array of plugins to increase the features of MineCraft, while not totally eliminating the aspect of survival. Some of these features include but are not limited to; the ability to catch mobs with certain materials, hatching ender dragon eggs into a ride-able mount, chairs, and so much more!

Easily Request Staff Assistance: We have an in-game ticket system Petition Plugin that makes it easy for you to request help from the staff. It allows us to assist you whether you are online or offline so long as you provide enough information in the ticket, and create/submit it while standing at the location you need assistance at.

Multiple Worlds: Thanks to MultiVerse we have a Main World, a Nether world, an End World, an Event World, a PvP World, a Dungeon World and a Tekkit World, all to keep you occupied and entertained, through your OniCraft journeys.

Towny & Citizens: Our Towny & Citizens plugins include a wide variety of features to offer great enhancements to your traditional Minecraft SMP experience. It allows players to own and manage land based on a pre-set grid layout with tons of features from toggling PvP in the area, to adding NPC's that can fix your gear and more!

iConomy: We have a fantastic economy plugin called iConomy, that allows people to make in-game money by voting, selling & trading items, creating shops, server events, entering the daily lotterty, and paypal donations. Your account is linked to all worlds and each world has it's own unique way of gathering currency.

Protected Chests, Doors, Furnaces, & Mineral Blocks: The Lockette plugin allows players to use regular signs to make their chests/doors/furnaces/etc. private for themselves and friends. Simply give access to players and towns by putting their names on the sign. You can also use timers that can automatically doors them behind you!

Anti-Greifing & Prevention: All our staff does an amazing job of preventing grief & restoring damaged projects to normal. We have almost no complaints at all, and in the rare occasions that this does happen, we have a very fast rollback system called LogBlock we can utilize.

Hourly Backups & Multiple Saves: Our world files are backed up hourly. In-case of any emergency we can quickly restore to one of our many saved backups from the day.

Custom Plugins, and Popular Requests: Not only do we install popular plugin requests, but we also have a team of developers who create custom plugins exclusive to Oni Clan Gaming that will enhance your game play experience with ideas straight from our own community!

Nether & The End: Explore the hellish under depths of the World of Minecraft, and the outer limits of the End, as the creators of the game had intended. Reset every month for fresh content and a new dragon egg for you to win. (There is also a Tekkit Nether and End, those are NOT reset monthly and encouraged to build in.)

PvP: PvP is allowed, but in controlled environments on this server. On our main and tekkit worlds PvP duels must be consensual with both parties agreeing to it. Hardcore PvP with item keeping exists only in our nether worlds and PvP event arenas.

PvE: This server is set to hard difficulty, meaning zombies break down your doors and you can starve to death! Events are especially difficult when we use custom spawners and the end is horrifying with our angry enderman plugin!

Abundance of Room: On Bukkit, a LARGEBIOMES map that goes 10K in every direction with a vast amount of room to build and survive semi-vanilla style. On Tekkit, a 1.2.5 map that goes 5K in every direction filled with all your favorite Tekkit features like volcanos and rubber trees.

No Lag: We run smooth as butter with our newly upgraded CPU, Quad-Core Processor, 128 SSD HDD, and our 16GB of Ram on both servers all day every day.

Prize Winning Events: We run weekly events on OniCraft that anyone can attend free of charge in order to win prizes like our in game currency Oni that can be used to purchase items on either server. Make sure you pay attention to our Event forums and calendars for these momentus occasions that draw in the entire server population for excitement and fun.

In-Game Item Crafting Encyclopedia and Information: Here on OniCraft there is no need to search the Minecraft wiki countless times to figure out what you need to build something, or what it is you're looking at or holding. With meiamsome's Recipe Plugin we have easily used commands that allow you to figure out everything you need to know about Items, crafting and what it is in-game. It's removed on the OniTekkit since it comes with built in mods like NEI to show you how to craft right in your inventory courteous of the Tekkit package.

OniTekkit, A.K.A. "Alternate Dimension" OniCraft: OniTekkit is the sub-server where we house the OniTekkit Map. Normally you could just use a Technic(A.K.A. Tekkit) Launcher to login and swap between the worlds easily, but since the 1.3.2 Minecraft update you WILL have to use the regular Minecraft launcher for OniCraft, and the 1.2.5 Technic Launcher for OniTekkit. (Once Tekkit has updated to 1.3.2, players will be able to see chat and interact with either server, from either server. Easily warping between the two, while only needing to use the Technic Launcher.) [update 10/16: We are working on a plugin that will cross-server chat and it should be implemented soon!]

Limited Tekkit Alterations & Few Banned Items:

Below is an exact list of banned items and items that require a higher rank then Member to place.

Exact Item ID Ban List;

  • ALL EE ITEMS (Completely & permanently removed until the EE3 & Tekkit update)
  • ID(s): 237 [Nuke IDs]
  • ID(s): 7308 [World Anchor Cart]
  • ID(s): 26522, 30213, 30214, 30215 [Various Dynamite]
  • ID(s): 30208:1 - 30208:2 [Mining Laser IDs] (Temporarily removed)

Limited Placement Item ID list;

  • ID(s): 49 Obsidian (Request in chat for staff to place your materials for you and they will come.)
  • ID(s): 327 Lava Bucket (Request in chat for staff to place your materials for you and they will come.)

Some Most Excellent ScreenShots;





Please visit

*this link here* for a full list of our Server Rules, located on our website before you decide to join. We are a very peaceful server and there are very specific guidelines to follow in order to prevent yourself from being banned.

mobcreeper.pngmobnotch.pngmobsheep.png Who We're Looking For! mobskeleton.png mobspider.png mobzombie.png

We are looking for dedicated active minecraft players who can be mature and follow the rules. As stated above, we are not like other servers where donating is required to use basic features, though we do accept donations because without them this server simply wouldn't be possible and we reward users greatly with permanent perks. More info on donating and the perks you will recieve can be found on our website.

steve_joyous.gif Apply Now! steve_flirty.gif

Make sure you understand our

rules and have read the thread before joining us. To get whitelisted, fill out the answers to the following questions in our registration application at our website.

Go to this link to apply now http://www.oniclangaming.com/register

Server Info

Server IPs: onicraft.servegame.com & onitekkit.servegame.com

Mumble IP: central1.voice.enjin.com:60645

Updated the OP!

Here's a picture of forkpower's Tel Fork.

An amazing build and, although it is on the bukkit side, it shows what our great builders can do!


Wow that's an amazing use of shroom blocks... 0.o

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hello my name is booya200 and i would like to join :D

Please visit the website!

Hey so I decided that as a pre video to mine and jacrae's new tekkit series I would make a video showing how to install tekkit and how to set it up for our server Onitekkit so please enjoy and I hope this helps you because sometimes people find it easier to see it visually rather than read it :)

Nice job Hazza!

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Ulbacus is now Pharos... Until I change the name again, that is...

New tower complex.


Absolutely stunning screenshot as always Verm. I added it to the OP.

For anyone that is interested in this forum, we updated our main Bukkit server to 1.4.2, so when you get tired of all the Tekkit(if that is even possible) you can mess around with Witches and Withers on the other end!

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Pharos's underwater north wing: The Reactor core. Probably the least functional reactor room in existence. But it's also the most fashionable reactor room in existence.


Join OniTech. We got pro-ness.

wow another amazing screenshot. This looks like something out of Bioshock.

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