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Technic Battles Redux

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I'm EST ( Australia) so, that might cause a few problems. But I will be on tomorrow at 2pm EST. So, make a to do list and I'll do what's on that if no-ones online.

Edit: Scrap that, I have cricket training then, I'll be on for most of Sunday. A lot of stuff because the seasons starting XD

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So, 4 PM GMT +1 (Germany :))... Lets see... Im in Potsdam, visiting friends for a couple of days. They are also fans of MC/Technic, Lets see if I can join. Maybe, maybe not. Wish me luck.

So, my knowledge:

IC2. I made a new survival world just to learn IC2, so I'm knowing pretty much about it.

Buildcraft is also good for me, I'm completely understanding it.

Redpower... Yep, nothing about RP Control, but everything else yep.

CC: my favourite mod, I'm not the best programmer here, but thats because I never got good ideas with computers. But Iooked at Backs code (Plague Corp ;)) and understood it.

Railcraft... Never really got into it, but maybe I'm going to master it.

and finally EE2.. Basic things, thanks to Duncan :D (Yogscast Tekkit ftw)

So, thats about it(, thanks for watching!).

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Im still alive. My time currently is 11:09am, hopefully there are more Aussies alive. I applied on the earlier thread and i'm not on the main page. :(


Age: 17

IGN: Awesomized

Mods experienced in: Basic redpower, buildcraft and advanced industrialcraft.

Team: Blobture Science

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