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[3.1.2] Aftermath [PvP] [42 slots] [Greylist] [A great variety of plugins, see thread] [No EE]

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Your In-game Name: Abbasinia.

What you like to do on Minecraft (pvping, building, socializing, slaughtering monsters, etc): I love to build. I like designing large structures, and who doesn't like socializing. :P

Which number has a larger positive value, -1500 or 1000? I believe 1000 has a larger POSITIVE value.

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Your In-game Name: cookb85

What you like to do on Minecraft: Mining, Crafting, Building largish interesting structures (boring square boxes are evil!)

Which number has a larger positive value: 1000

[Totally Not Optional] An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure: Nikola Tesla was a cool dude who just wanted to electrocute everyone. so he made TESLA COILS! ... THE COILS OF NIKOLA TESLA!!!!

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