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Moss Stone...?!


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I'm having "problems" with moss stone. OK, so it's not really a problem, it's just strange. First, some background info...

I'm clearing out an ocean to make a base underneath the ocean floor. The easiest way to do this is to take out the water with RP2 pumps, quarry it with Buildcraft, replace the sea floor (leaving a huge cavern behind), then put the water back. To do this, I built a small cobblestone peninsula out into the ocean, and I'm dropping sand off of it to isolate the area that needs to be drained. Predictably, I ran out of cobblestone (One stack won't do it, and I don't carry my Klein Star/Tablet around), and had to head back.

This would be just a normal, uneventful day in Technic Pack if it weren't for the return trip to grab some cobblestone from a quarry chest. At the very end of the cobblestone peninsula, right where it touches the grassy coast, but on two sides surrounded by water, the cobble stone was no more.

It was Moss Stone, formerly known as Mossy Cobblestone.

When I saw that, I mentally said "What the fu- How the heck...". I've know that that the spreading of moss stone was due to be implemented (it's a low priority thing on one of the very first 'planned features' lists that Notch made, but very low down) for a long time, but this is new, especially considering that I haven't seen the feature added on any updates. If it was added, it would be in 1.3.1, not 1.2.5. Did I mention I'm on the rec build? Yeah, I'm on the rec build.

My question is this: Is this an unannounced feature that was added sometime, or is this a mod in the Technic Pack? I've checked over and over again in the mod listings, and have confirmed that it's not in vanilla Minecraft (I checked the entries for Moss Stone and Cobblestone in the Minecraft Wiki), so all I can say is this:

Dear Cobblestone/Moss Stone



A Confused Miner.

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