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[6.0] [Map] Void Born - Technic map inspired by skyblock and its variations.

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Void Born is outdated, it supposed to run on a technic 6, it may or may not work or break horribly if you try to play this with a current build of technic. As such expect no help getting it to run.

Void Born will probably get a new version in the future but its going to take at least a week for me to take care of other crap before I even start.


  • Explore
  • Build
  • Magic Technology
  • Absolutely no ground
  • Silly little french villagers
  • Tons and tons of goodies in chests

bBVhBs.jpg mJhNTs.jpg K3xiZs.png rB52is.png

I always enjoyed skyblock and variations on it. But for technic you need to adjust skyblock a little otherwise you can't use its varying amounts of additional things, the best way to do that was EE. Changes in EE have made a classical just a few blocks floating in the middle of nowhere approach to skyblock with EE a little awkward. So, voidborn. You start off with a little more space then a regular skyblock. There are 4 villages prebuilt to be found floating in the world and some chests hidden around with all the items you need to build whatever you want to make.

I planned to include more in Voidborn but since the team decided Technic was ready for launch today is go time. I hope you like it.

Download - 14 MB



Alternate Version: Excruciating - Void Born

Made harder by removing virtually all "bonus" stuff from chests and only keeping things you will need to teach your transmutation tablet. Additionally made you spawn on a 1x1 island. Documentation below does not apply to this version.




Install it ".techniclauncher\technicssp\saves" like you would a normal minecraft map. You can find where .techniclauncher is located by going to %appdata% just like minecraft, it should be listed directly below .minecraft on most systems.

Rules and Challenges

If you like some direction in what to do or enjoy a challenge you can follow these.

Pastie of rules.

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It's impossible to get Flint and Steel (If you're aiming for that which I think you are.)

Philosiphers stone + bucket does not work in 6.0, so you can't go to the nether, can I just remove a flint and bucket to hack in a flint and steel? Unless this isn't a mistake and is intentional and I'm forgetting something.

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Loving this map! My only complaint is the lack of a "restart" button, but thats more of a fault with Minecraft. I've re-copypasta'd this about 5 times now after falling in lava with everything on me.

Keep your zip file at hand! Always!

Okay. My progress. Possible spoilers!


Inserted some Vis at the portal, after learning what Void Runes did, and got to the 'Nexus', as I call it. Got some vis running and got through a portal. Unfortunally, the vis I got for the Nexus wasn't enough to send me back, so I had to fly all the way back to the first village. Damn... On second though, I should have repaired that nether portal and taken the short way. Now I'll keep developing my base at Japanese Village island and after some more resources gotten, exploring the ways to go from the Nexus.

Btw, why so many Diamond Gears? Holy cow.


Thanks for this awesome map! :D

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