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What are your mod ideas?

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Well in the past week I've had two mod ideas. After watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWBOCFWqiHE I would love to have this as a mod, It would make the game a lot more nerve wrecking and hard. Also I've been thinking about like a new pipe called, the Alchemist Pipe. It would have 2 options, the option to be able to set a EMC value to go through the pipe. So let's say that you had a quarry and you want anything over 4 EMC to go one way or and anything under 4 a different way. or you could just set it as if anything has an EMC value to go through the pipe. I think that would be a very neat Addon.

Do you guys have any ideas on a mod?

Post them here! =D

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