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    • By deathplayer43
      Every single time i try to launch a modpack the technic launcher goes away then re pops back up and the mod pack wont load please help
    • By Jupstart
      I've been trying to play some mod packs with friends but every time I try to start one up it just restarts the launcher. How can I fix this?
    • By TBGS_Destroyer
      So i got Technic and i thought it would be cool yea alot of modpacks and stuff ... so i downloaded pixelmon so i can play with a friend and i clicked play  it loaded then it closed the  launcher and re-opened the launcher saying nothing and i tried this for several modpacks its the same for all of them my java is up tp date 64-bit and i dont know why anything isnt loading??
    • By Hauteknits
      When trying to download my modpack. Me and my friends download percentage hits the negative max 64-bit integer value. Any ideas to this? Everything seems to be in order

    • By EpicSilvahGaming
      Whenever I Try To Load Any Modpack, This Is What I Get.
      Any Help Will Be Appreciated
      Pastebin: crash-2018-08-25_13.31.04-client.txt