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Searching an full supported Jobs Plugin

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Hello Tekkit Community

I hope you can help me :)

At first, Sorry for my bad english but i have only school english from germany :D lol

Okay im looking for an Jobs Plugin whats supports all Tekkit Blocks.

Like a Miner who destroy an copper ore and get money for it.

I hope for answers. Thank you.

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Do some investigation, you can't expect us to do all the work for you.

MC Jobs Configuration

I have done investigation and testing but I am unable to get copper ore for example working only the vanilla items work and thats by default.

Google shows nothing with mcjobs and logblocks working together for tekkit.

It seems the plugin (McJobs) uses material names only from bukkit classes which to my knowledge tekkit hasn't add their items to the list as I cant find an updated list of names, I have checked the material class file in Tekkit.jar and cant see copper in there for example where I can see iron like the normal bukkit class file and even if they did update it I dont think that would work as the normal bukkit material class doesnt seem to support data values for materials just id's.

I have tried using item id's with data values in the plugins config but that doesnt work either nor does item id's on their own work (inc vanilla id's only vanilla material names work).

So if you would be so kind as to help people with a problem than just being rude.

If you can help thats fine then dont be rude.

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Sorry for being rude, but your answer can be found in less than 5 minutes using google, but to answer your question:

mod blocks/items have bukkit names, just put an "x" in front of the ID, and using just the ID (not bukkit name) works fine - I use it that way (so you probably screwed up somewhere). Use your server startup log to see any errors MCJobs outputs.

remember... there are 2 copper ores (one of them isn't used -> 140:5).

just add "x249" to your config. should fix your problem.

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Thank you thats very helpful but I havent been able to find any documenation abt Tekkit and its changes to Bukkit like adding these materials on runtime...

I have however ran the following while tekkit is running:

Material temp = Material.getMaterial(140);

for (Material current : temp.getClass().getEnumConstants()) {

    getLogger().info("Material: " + current);


I have now got a full list of Materials that tekkit 3.1.2 uses.

However I dont think I can set Nether Iron in McJobs for example (135:3) as X135 would be nether coal and for example Material.getMaterial("X135:3")returns null...

If you could point me to some Tekkit documentation about or the search keywords you have used to find this information I should be able to do some more tests and research... (I have tried searching for javadocs, documentation, api's, etc (my Google broken for the first time ever? :P))

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I have created my own Jobz plugin designed to have full Tekkit 3.1 support!

Please feel free to comment on how I can improve it.


I registered just to say THANKS for this man!

I'm into the same problem you got with mcJObs, and having a way of paying users is essential for my server as its based on land claiming, selling etc

As a way to improove it, i'd add permissions based paying rates, so you can pay more to donors or VIPs than Guests or members.

Also multiworld support and job levels.

... but i'd realease it now and implement that stuff lateron... 'cause i cant bloody wait for it :P

EDIT: if you need an EU server to make test it count with me ;)

EDIT2: Would be hilarious if you could get fired if you dont do your job well, like mining less than X blocks per week gets you fired from being miner. You could at least loose jobs levels. Just lulz brainstorming.

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nice zeepal :D il take alook at that !

add in to do list SQL support plox :o !

I have made a forum over at Bukkit to prevent further hijacking of this thread (http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/jobz/forum/).

Sorry Sarlarion!

P.S. @Greedseed: What data do you want stored in an SQL? (I use mcMMO levels at this stage to remove a player from having multiple levels for the same "Skill", should I change this?)

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no i am talking about support for any player data created with your plugin. i am completely anty data flatfile and the more there is in the database the more there is to use on our website!

il leave it back on topic now :D

But yeah i use MCjobs atm and it sucks...

Dont get me wrong here MCjobs is epic for Normal MC servers

But for tekkit irs prity awfull since all items everyone makes or mines cant be added to the jobs.

in that case the plugin that ZeePal made would solve that :) just need to take a look at it dind get the chance yet. Also MCjobs saves all its data in a flatfile. This makes it a lot slower

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On topic: I installed it and the players are so happy that now the tekkit blocks and items give them money too. Works perfect.

Compared to jobs, this is heaven, not a single comand for you or the players, drop jar and run, and does what you're looking for Salarion-

Plus the integration with mcMMO is just pefect, transparent to the user.

Offtopic: Looking forward to the build rewars excluding cobblestone and dirt :)

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Thanks so much for your help guys, im running now with mcmmo!

The other Jobs plugin who i have used was called "Jobs" It runs perfectly with Tekkit Ores but it has alot of Errors with Turtles and Quarrys.

So ZeePal i tryd to use ur plugin but it doesnt work for me. sorry..

Now i'm running with some modded files for mcmmo!

Thanks and Goodgame!

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