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New Server Tick Rate

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Hi guys, I have been running a 24 server on my personal computer perfectly fine for about a week until they rang me up and complained I was using up all my upload data too quickly (lol). I've now resorted to buying a dedicated server. The server tick rate is 10 and players have been complaining that it's laggy when opening chests and what not. The server is 30 slot but we only have around 10-14 online at any one time. The RAM usage is also at around 40% when 14 users are online (900mb~/2048mb).

Here is a list of our installed plugins, all using mySQL for data where possible.


Here is the log from the /lag command.

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] Current Players = 12/30

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] Current TPS = 9.09429

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] Maximum memory: 2,023 MB

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] Allocated memory: 1,071 MB

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] Free memory: 428 MB

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] World "01-A-Brave-New-World": 3405chunks,1953entities

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] The End "01-A-Brave-New-World_the_end": 625chunks,19entities

2012-09-02 22:55:19 [iNFO] Nether "01-A-Brave-New-World_nether": 12chunks,4entities

If anyone could help me I would be greatly appreciative. I have a few more plugin questions but I'll post them on another thread.

ps. Our server host is Fructis if you need to look them up.

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I believe the issue may involve your MySQL setup. I recently had the same problem when trying to use my Web Server's MySQL database. We simply asked out host to put a MySQL server on the Tekkit Servers system, and re-configured all of our plugins to point to the local MySQL database. Problem solved for us, and I would recommend the same.

Also, and I cannot confirm this (as this hasn't happened on our server yet) that DynMap could possibly cause lag if you have various quarries running, as it's trying to update the map quite frequently. While I've never had this issue with DynMap, even with MANY quarries running, just thought I would throw that out there as something to check.

Best of Luck!

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Sorry, Dynmap isn't enabled yet for our server so it can't be that! Also, the SQL server is on our Tekkit server. We're not using an external one. Thanks for the input though!

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Try pulling Towny for a bit. We had to fork it and remove a class that was being called over and over for regeneration on explosions...even though we don't use that feature. That probably gave us 4 tps alone. You could always use NoLagg to examine your plugins.

Also, you should be running CB++ or Spigot and NOT the Tekkit.jar that comes in your zip. Search the stickies/threads on this forum for a link. Try those two things out and I bet you see 16 tps or more (start with CB++ if you want).

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Okay after some research I see that Spigot is having some problems at the moment so I'll give that one a miss. Can you point me in the direction of a CB++ port for forge mod loader? The only one I found was for 1.2.5, I'm looking for a 1.3.1 version if possible.

EDIT: Just realised how stupid I sound. Forgot Tekkit uses MC 1.2.5. I'll give the version I found a go and let you know how it goes!

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We use Spigot just fine. 150-200 users with a little better tps than yours. Sure wish it was higher, but yeah... that's what you get with a million solar arrays on the map =\



That thread explains it all, just run build 75 of CB++ and you don't need to rename it to Tekkit.jar

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CB++ seems to be working fine! 18-20TPS all day long with a full server! I had to change the name to Tekkit.jar because the server runs from the Tekkit.jar apparently.

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Hello there, I had this exact same problem, Our server had slight ram upgrade, and before it we had normal tick, no crashes. Recently we've added some memory becouse we thought that was the problem, but thing is that server uses of 30% of ram and tick is lower than 1, usualy 0,2 and so on. I have been thinking, what could be the problem couser?

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We've had problems when people on the server have installed bad redstone systems with lots of timers, also when users build a lot of pipes using BC and when there isn't enough room in the chests they fall out on the floor. If enough entities are on the floor in a loaded chunk it can cause significant lag.

Install CB++ and use it's entity combining option in the config and it may reduce lag. We also removed world anchors so not as many chunks were loaded when users wern't online.

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When you type in /lag. How many entities and chunks are loaded? A player has on average 150 odd chunks loaded each and there should be around 100 entities per player too. At least that's the average on my server.

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I'm not 100% sure on this but CB++ gives the server a certain amount of RAM depending on players in the world. So if your server has a maximum of 2gb (which mine does), and there is only 2 players online it will allocate enough RAM for those 2 players only. How many players do you have online at the moment? I highly suggest you look at the newly created bukkit.yml config and edit the settings, see below.

Pay attention to the mob spawn limits and growth settings. Also change the view distance in your server.cfg file to something less than 10, I have mine on 6. Which is about 300 odd chunks less per person loaded which can make a massive difference to a servers performance.


  allow-end: false

  warn-on-overload: false

  kick-on-speedhack: true

  spawn-radius: 16

  permissions-file: permissions.yml

  update-folder: update

  ping-packet-limit: 100

  use-exact-login-location: false

  plugin-profiling: false

  connection-throttle: 4000

  query-plugins: true

  restart-script-location: start.bat

  timeout-time: 180

  restart-on-crash: false

  filter-unsafe-ips: true

  whitelist-message: You are not white-listed on this server!

  deprecated-verbose: default



    growth-chunks-per-tick: 2000

    mob-spawn-range: 5

    monsters-per-chunk: 40

    land-creatures-per-chunk: 5

    water-creatures-per-chunk: 5

    item-merge-radius: 3.5

    random-light-updates: false

    aggregate-chunkticks: 4

    chunky-freeze-temperature: true

    wheat-growth-modifier: 100

    cactus-growth-modifier: 100

    melon-growth-modifier: 100

    pumpkin-growth-modifier: 100

    sugar-growth-modifier: 100

    tree-growth-modifier: 100

    mushroom-growth-modifier: 100


    growth-chunks-per-tick: 30


    growth-chunks-per-tick: 0

    random-light-updates: true

    water-creatures-per-chunk: 0


  monsters: 70

  animals: 15

  water-animals: 5


  animal-spawns: 400

  monster-spawns: 1


  enabled: true


  - warn-console

  - warn-ops


  - warn-console

  - warn-ops

  preferred-channel: rb

  host: dl.bukkit.org

  suggest-channels: true


  username: bukkit

  isolation: SERIALIZABLE

  driver: org.sqlite.JDBC

  password: walrus

  url: jdbc:sqlite:{DIR}{NAME}.db



    chance: 5

    lightning-delay: 10

    lightning-random-delay: 20


    chance: 15

    lightning-delay: 40

    lightning-random-delay: 150


    chance: 30

    lightning-delay: 60

    lightning-random-delay: 250


    chance: 50

    lightning-delay: 100

    lightning-random-delay: 500


    chance: 75

    lightning-delay: 300

    lightning-random-delay: 1000


    chance: 100

    lightning-delay: 500

    lightning-random-delay: 2000

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Yeah that's pretty odd. I don't actually trust my servers CPU and RAM monitor. The RAM is always off. I use CB++ /lag for that. It's ashame there's no way to check the CPU usage from in game.

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