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Flan's has been investigated in the past and it causes some really bad overlaps and server issues when trying to implement it for SMP. I do not know if it changed but last I checked I think the current version of Flan's is not even SMP. That mod does not contribute enough to the feel of Technic to warrant the time it would take to implement it for single player. And without SMP, it would be kind of...boring.

As for the guns, a couple of weapons mods have been tried before but most of them ended up being unused because of the IC2 mining laser or even just the ease and availability of using a normal sword or bow and arrow. Sure they are cool, but how many people regularly crafted the hammers, battle axes, spears and javelins in the last version of Technic and Tekkit?

Don't get me wrong, good mods and they are definitely fun. But given that they have either been investigated or something similar tried, do not get too hopeful for official integration.

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