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Mod configuration for server speed

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Ok like most people with grand ideas for a tekkit server I have myself craftbukkit++ modded tekkit server. Running the following:

  • tekkit - obviously :)
  • craftbukkit++ (version 1.7.5)
  • worldguard
  • pex
  • modifyworld
  • griefprevention
  • few others .....

I was wondering if anyone knew if conflicting configs would have a huge affect on server speed. For example it is very easy to set griefprevention to ban tnt. In fact it is a default setting. But it is equally as easy to set tnt ignition to true in worldguard.

This kind of permission conflict is very easy to do, sometimes without even knowing you are doing it. And you remain ignorant because things work as you expect ingame.

So do these conflicts affect server speed?

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