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Transposer & Automatic Crafting Table MK2 Issue

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Hi, I'm currently a little baffled. I have and automatic crafting table MK2 with a transposer to pull out the crafted item. The issue is it'll only pull out when I place the ingredients into the Automatic Crafting Table MK2. The strange thing is some of them work perfectly fine just pumping the items in.

Anyone know what the issue might be?

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Ingredients go in the top, I think. Crafted items go out the SIDE. In general in redpower, different sides of the block correspond to different parts of the inventory. if you try to input and output on the same side of any complex inventory, it is bound to not work.

If this doesn't solve the issue, submit a screenshot, or we are unlikely to be able to help you further.

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I'm pumping in at one side and the items go in to the actMk2 inventory. The transposer on top facing down but it doesn't pull out the crafted item in the crafting slot. If I was to pick up and place an item from the inventory for the actMk2 the transposer suddenly starts pulling the product out put stops again if there's a break in the flow of raw materials.

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So, to restate the issue in the same thing that has happened to me:


Ingredients are piped into the side of the Automatic Crafting Table MK2 with a stone pipe.

The Output is piped out from the top, using a Wooden Transport Pipe, powered by a Redstone Engine.

Ingredients go in, ingredients begin to stack.  My example - Bronze dust (3 Copper Dust, 1 Tin Dust)

Ingredients reach 3 Copper, 1 Tin, and nothing happens.  No Bronze dust is extracted.



What I have found is:

If you quit out to the Main Menu and then reload the world, the Bronze dust starts to get extracted.


And, importantly:

If you leave it for the ingredients to fill a stack of 64 for each, then it starts to craft automatically.

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