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Fix the Luminators excessive EU drain

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some machines will "request" power whenever their internal reserve is "not full", and with LV EU packet size being the size it is (32 i think), and with the luminators requesting power every tick, thats ALOT of power going to waste, and cropmatrons are guilty of this as well

Well, that just plain sucks. Seems like a bit of an oversight on the modders part.

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I just tested this, and that's sort of the opposite of what was happening. Those two machines will attempt to keep their internal buffers full, yes, but only when it's missing at least one packet worth, that is 32 EU. This was tested using an EU detector cable. For the luminator, which consumes .25 EU/t, or 5 EU/s, the cable lit up about every slightly less than 7 seconds, meaning it had time to use up almost 35 EU before more came through the wire. Similar results for the cropmatron, which uses 1 EU/t, or 20 EU/s. The cable lit about every slightly less than two seconds, plenty of time to use up at least 32 EU before it got more.

I didn't test this with longer wires though, which could have an effect given the lag between request and receive. Be right back.

Edit: Stuck a 38 block long glass fiber cable in there. Absolutely no change in behavior.

Final conclusion: Machines only appear to request power if there's room in their internal buffer for a full packet. Not tested with machines that take a higher packet size than 32, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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...but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Be careful about using this phrase. It can actually cause flashbacks and hallucinations in anyone who's survived a bachelor's degree and above in an Engineering field or any of the hard sciences. :D

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