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Hello!, Im looking for a modpack that has magic,Tech, and the best of all guns and explosives!! Im looking for a mod pack like this for a server. If you can link me to a Pack that has all this and more Please do!, if not and you are intrested in making a modpack like this Please do!!!

Goal: My main objective is to make a MC server that is comprised around PVP and war!! i want all sorts of wacky things that you can make from factorys to Magical little nooks and crannys. My motto is Gaining power to protect what you own.

What i want:

At least some guns (like flans) and tech and magic!, i'll leave it up to the modpack maker to deside if they want to add more to the pack, but i want an all around " it will take me a long time to do everything pack. aka something for everyone, eather it be magic, Tech, Factorys, Towns, Empires, or Raiding Groups!


Optional but wanted:

if you could also some how get cauldron (Forge/bukkit bridge) that would be ever so more useful!! if not well i will have to work around it


*** I want this modpack to be Crazy good!! from weird to wacky to downright evil!


What you get as the pack maker:

You will get your name Broadcasted on the server, You can have a VIP status free of charge if you wish, or you can just use our server as a "hey! i did that pack for them!

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I am trying to make a modpack with guns, factory stuff, etc. It keeps crashing though. It's called "The Cult of Squid." I'll let ya know when it's ready.

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