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A whole new experience of tekkit!

A server where you actually matter!

He who conquers tekkit does so on TechnoVerse!



1. Do NOT grief wilderness!

2. Do WHATEVER staff tell you to to do (within reason)

3. NO Hacked Clients - Insta-Ban

4. Cursing is fine but not in excess

5. Do not kill those who are new to the server

6. Do not kill those whom you have a massive advantage over

7. If you wish to PvP then you may do so only with those with similar armour to yourself.

8. No 1x1 towers!

9. No racism

10. No x-ray or any 3rd party mods!

11. Abusing rank powers and/or permissions will result in a ban.


AutoRank, BuyRegion, GriefPrevention, IcePvP, iConomy, MobDisguise, ModReq, NoLagg, SimpleReserve, TekkitCustomizer, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, HawkEye, Tekkit Restrict


Uptime: 24/7

Computer Craft is completely disabled due to previous negative experience with this mod.

The beginnings of a great server which we hope will grow into something much larger than can be created by any one player, a server with a great community, atmosphere and staff.

People have said such thing can't exist, WE are here to prove them wrong!

We need players who regardless of tekkit know-how contribute to the positive vibe of the server and help it to grow and develop to its full potential!

We host events such as PvP contests, Parkour, Spleef and Spleef 2.0!

All of which have amazing prizes to choose from!






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This is a great server. I have been playing on it for just a couple days and it is amazing. The moderators and admins have all been so kind to me, so I would just like to say thank you.

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Server is great, I had a rough start on the server, but the staff have been helpful with making sure that issues are handled, and handled fairly. Other players are friendly and helpful as well, going so far as asking others to join in their own player cities and helping them get a start. While there's a bit of drama, it's generally handled well by players, and it works well enough that resolutions are quickly figured out by players. And if you ever have any questions, players are always on (always someone on almost 24/7) that should be able to help answer things. The uptime is great, and restarts on the hour (less than a minute) to help keep the server working smoothly and efficiently. Regular events are hosted, such as spleef, PVP tournaments, and they have just added a mob arena (that can be done at any time, even from the very start of joining the server), and now even today, I believe they added parkour. I definitely encourage others to join this rapidly growing server to join in on the fun.

EDIT: The kid above is upset because he joined the server and immediately wanted mod, put up a fuss when he was asked to post on the server's forums, and then when he did, quit the server because he was denied due to low playtime, and because he did not follow instructions on the mod application.

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