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A new fun weapon

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Hey again.

Now I've been thinking, I hate spiders and all the other monsters in minecraft too. But a sword, lasergun, machineguns, missiles, it got boring.

So I'm asking, how about a weapon that is a shoe. Yes, a brown leather shoe, a for smashing that big scary spider on the wall shoe.

So you have different kinds of shoes with a damage depending on what the zole is made of.

If it has a rubber (IC2 rubber) zole, it hurts as much as a stone sword. If it has an iron zole, it hurts as much as an iron sword. Add any other materials if you like to.

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agree with Industrial Miner the guns, sword, lasers and all that is boring minecraft/tekkit/technic needs something different.

maybe a boot knife :-P

When jump ontop of a creature or animal it will obviously deal damage pending on what material you've equip to it.

  • Stone > Iron > Gold > Diamond
  • Pending if its mod compatible maybe > Stone > Copper or Stone > Tin or Stone > Silver and Egt.

That would be amazing if someone could do that i would use it for ddddaaaayyysss

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