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[3.1.2]iCraft Tekkit[PVE/Economy][50][Open][iConomy,SimpleClans,Griefprevention] STAFF NEEDED!

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I saw this application and thought I should sign up

Age: 14

Username: robin18888

I've been playing for a bit and thought it would be cool to help out this server

I've not been banned

Why should u choose me: I think that you should choose me because I can be on between 1 and 4 hours a night on weekdays (more on weekends) and I would very much like to help this server and learn more about what it is like to run a server

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Age: 13

Username: turcotte1

How long I have played: I am going to start today.

Am I baned: I have been baned once but i have learned from what I did wrong

Why should u choose me: Well im a pre-mod on another server and I really want to help this server


Position: I would like Admin but I will take Mod so I can prove that you wont regret it.

Extra Detail: I am Pre-Mod on another server, I am trusted on many servers, and I have been baned once but learned from my mistake.

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Age: 14

Username: sithe109

Have you played on our server before: Yes

Have you been banned of a server: Yes i was banned from a server for Existing.

Why should we choose you: I think i could help everyone on the server because i would be on alot more then other people because i have a ton of free-time. I could also help because i have a ton of experience in other server as well. I am a co-owner a mod a admin and an op on a few different servers, But i would also like to help on this one. :)

What position do you want to be: Mod would be great.

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Age: 14

Username: derrien6

Yes, for about a day now.

Never have i been banned.

Why should u choose me: Im great for the job.Ive been a mod for another server and did great. I am a fair person and don't ban or kick people for the heck of it. I am a non tolerance person and any break of the rules is a warning. I'm not a fan of cussing,cursing profanity etc. Ill mute if i have to.Im a nice guy also, I really enjoy this server too and the members are very generous and I think I could provide for this server as well :D

Position: A mod, intill you can gain full trust for me

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age: 14

username: mikead99

played on server: no (looking for good server and this one sounds good)

banned by server: nope (and proud of it)

why choose me: i luv tekkit and playing on multiplayer is awesome and i play all the time. but all the servers i used to play on have been shut down for one reson or another. i saw you needed staff and thought i could help as well.

what positon: i would be a mod if i knew what it was, so admin

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