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Hi people, just encountered a really annoying problem with mystcraft which I assume is a bug.
There doesn't seem to be any snow (layer) forming on the mystcraft ages that I am making.
I'm aware that one of the main troubleshooting techniques for anything mystcraft related are parsing errors with the pages so i'll post the pages in order that I am using.


Essentially I'm using a combination of Biomes'o'plenty and mystcraft in order to produce a Christmas "winter wonderland". so far I have managed to create a snowy coniferous forest with eternal snow (weather type) but no snow layers falling on the ground.
I also managed to produce an icy wasteland of compacted ice which wasn't ideal.


I've tried with a number of different cold biomes with biomes o plenty both with and without the weather:eternal snow and with and without the terrain modifier stone/dirt/snow

Snow block (terrain modifier) - also tried dirt, grass and stone, all to same effect
Ice block (terrain modifier) - also tried water
Standard world (terrain)

Snowy coniferous forest (biome) - also tried arctic, alps and alps forest
Single Biome (biome Controller)

Normal Lighting

normal water colour

normal sky colour

normal foliage colour

normal grass colour (also tried white colour + grass colour)

Eternal snow (also tried no weather and normal weather, apart from changing the snow falling it had no effect)


Setting (position modifier)
zero length (length modifier)

normal sun (celestial body)

Twinkling stars

normal moon

Clear modifiers

(I have instability disabled)

Any help before Christmas would be greatly appreciated, my experience is that someone will unhelpfully lock this thread just before someone is about to answer it.

P.s. I also have ancient warfare loaded which appears to add settlements in mystcraft ages, as shown in the attached picture, it seems that snow if indeed layering within the settlement but not outside it. This is with the arctic biome.


Alps Forest: Alps%20Forest.jpg

Snowy Coniferous forest:Snowy%20coniferous%20forest.jpg

Mod list is attached. When I get back to the place I'm hosting the modpack off i'll update the modpack files and anyone can have a crack at it.



mod list.PNG

Edit, further to my previous information I've now experimented with biomes O Plenty and cannot spawn any snowy biomes except for extreme hills +. anyone lese getting this?
a link to the modpack is: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/alis-minecraft-modpack

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