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[3.1.2]Tekkit Madness[no pvp][15 slots][whitelist][essentials,tree assist,logblock][EE enabled]

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Reason for joining: I want to multi-play, and not have to worry about greifers and pvp

Have you read the rules:Yes

Tekkit Experience: I know alot, but I do always manage to find something I didn't know before.

Thank you for reading mine!

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  • IGN Matrix345
  • Age A mature and intelligent 12.
  • Reason for joining I want to find a decent server, with players who are specially picked. I also want a none-ageist server.
  • Have you read the rules Of course.
  • Tekkit experience I have played for a year and a half. I am very good at the game, although I still do not know it all.

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  1. IGN: Crazy_DR

  2. Age: 15

  3. Location: Australia Brisbane

  4. Tekkit Experience: iv played for close to 6 months all together over 2 years i play in my free time when im not studding i know how to use buildcraft and trying to learn how to use computer craft. i can make different types of buildings and can follow orders if there is something i am helping someone with. i can make emc farms and know how to do everything with rm and dm.... plz consider...

  5. Additional Info: iv played on allot of servers and haven't found one right for me yet and i think this server will be a smash and from all the comments it sounds like a happy welcoming community and i would love to be a part of it.

  6. never been banned and never want to be banned

  7. i want to join a server that is friendly and has a good community and + i havent found a server that feels like home yet and im still looking and this server looks like it would be a good home/server to play on heaps

  8. and i have read and will stay within the rules

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Reason for joining: Looking for decent tekkit servers with a good community, plus ones without 3 billion trolls. Plus, good grammar.

Have you read the rules: Yes, I have read the said rules.

Tekkit experience: 2 years, plus FTB and other modpacks.

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