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[3.1.2]Somethingtown[PvP][75 slots][Whitelist]

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To the guys who have requested to join the server: can you message me via a PM or via youtube and i'll add your details, also I cant make in online until the christmas break at the earliest as im busy with coursework and exams however you are welcome to join the server and make yourself at home till i get on.

Many thanks.

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The hosting company I was using to rent the Tekkit server off has stopped trading and therefore disconnected the server. I WILL be looking into finding new hosting companies that fulfill my criteria for a hosting company.

SO watch this space and/ follow my profile to see when I upload a new thread with new server details.

Many apologies that I wasn't on as much as I would have liked, Uni kinda took over and my laptop had "issues" running the launcher. I WILL BE BACK

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I am running this fresh server:


with trusted hosting provider that I can highly recommend.


They are MC/Bukit/Tekkit dedicated and always helpful. You have good control over the server and they can host you in US as well as Europe.

I am following all the role-play topics here but not wish anybody go away. Seriously take a look at this option.


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I see some information left out and jobs that don't seem to be there. You list no restriction/ban list and so I have to assume that their are none banned or restricted items. That said... sweet... I have to also notice that you don't have any other energy technicians outside of Nukes. To that I have to say, do what now? I also don't seem to see any teleport technicians ether. I think I could fix that real quick. Guess I'll try my luck with this.

IGN: Cortanis

Age: 26

Banned?: Never

Experience: I prefer to do more complex community resource builds that are open to the public. As such, I tend to do teleporter hubs and other such things. I tend to specialize in geothermal systems with EE use for power sources.

Bonus material: I've rather started including pics of one of my old builds to help get an idea of what I tend to build like. The ones that you see where the guys are visible are one that I got griefed on. So please don't hold them to the typical standard present.






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