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Tekkit PvP or no PvP?


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I plan on opening a server soon, and me and my friend were arguing whether it would be best to have PvP or not with either factions or towny advanced. I wanted to find out the general opinion on PvP, so please post below what you like, PvP on or off, and preferably why.

Some things you may want to consider:

Tekkit provides many types of armor

Gun mod

Losing/gaining territory

Tekkit can be very easy at times

Once you "win," there's not much to do

I personally like no PvP, but couldn't find anything to put here :p

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There are a few things to take into account when deciding to implement PvP. I have heard numerous complaints of issues between Towny and Tekkit, so I would suggest you not go that route. The thing about Tekkit is that once someone finds one diamond, 4 redstone, and 4 glowstone they have access to almost anything in the game without doing a whole lot. Depending on how quickly players progress, things will become unbalanced rather quickly. There will be an elite group with control over a lot of the land, and smaller groups without enough power to challenge them. For this reason I tend to say no to PvP on Tekkit servers.

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If you want PVP definitely limit them from building super overpowered generators, armors, and if you want factions you have to disable things like quarries and other things that place or destroy blocks. Things you probably should ban:

46 TNT

126:3 Dark Matter Furnace

126:4 Red Matter Furnace

126:10 Nova Catalyst

126:11 Nova Cataclysm

127 Dark Matter Pedistal

150:1 Block Breaker

153 Querry

155 Filler

157 Builder

158 Template Drawing Table

179 Teleport Tether

206:5 Priming Track

207 Computer

214 World Anchor

214:1 Block of Concrete

214:2 Block of Steel

214:3 Infernal Brick

216 Turtle

216:1 Mining Turtle

216:2 Wireless Turtle

216:3 Wireless Mining Turtle

237 Nuke

239 Industrial TNT

254:1 Forcefield Underwater Upgrade

254:3 Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade

4095 Dimensional Anchor

6362 REP

7270 TNT Cart

7303 Anchor Cart

7310 Tunnel Bore

26522 Dynamite (Balkins)

26524 Cannon

27526 Philosopher's Stone Just Banned Hold

27527 Destruction Catalyst

27530 Evertide Amulet

27531 Volcanite Amulet

27532 Black Hole Band

27533 Ring of Ignition

27535 Hyperkinetic Lens

27538 Watch of Flowing Time

27544 Dark Matter Shovel

27547 Dark Matter Axe

27555 Dark Matter Hammer

27556 Catalytic Lens

27564 Red Matter Pickaxe

27565 Red Matter Shovel

27568 Red Matter Axe

27570 Red Matter Hammer

27572 Red Matter Katar

27573 Red Matter Morning Star

27574 Zero Ring

27575 Red Matter Armor (Chest Plate)

27576 Red Matter Helmet

27577 Red Matter Greaves

27578 Red Matter Boots

27579 Infernal Armor

27580 Abyss Helmet EE-Armor

Gravity Greaves

27582 Hurricane Boots

27583 Mercurial Eye

27584 Ring of Arcana

27593 Void Ring

27594 Alchemical Tome

30171 Quantum Suit Boots

30172 Quantum Suit Leggings

30173 Quantum Suit Body Armor

30174 Quantum Suit Helmet

30208 Mining Laser

30214 Sticky Dynamite

30215 Dynamite

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Another thing to consider is rules of engagement. People will definitely raise major complaints about being killed or raided. Unless you're going for a chaotic type of server. Those tend to be rather easy to maintain since everything is allowed

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Disable EE and ban quantum and PvP/ balancing will be fine. Although everyone will have nano rendering all other armor/weapon type useless. If you want to maintain vanilla style combat ban nano too.

Oh and also allow griefing/ raiding because if you use factions (your only good option) it won't protect other players from accessing metal chests (unless you patch it) and they can steal from machines and advanced tables. It'll be way too challenging to control all that.

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If you want a PvP server, you are playing the wrong game. The Minecraft combat mechanics are so terrible, that PvP is a joke. All it involves is running, jumping, and spam clicking.

I'm not sure how that really answers the question, but thank you for sharing your opinion on the matter. We value your input.

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