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Posting this here rather than in the host thread, as there isn't too much activity in there.

I used to use all the time to host my pack, and had it working for several years. However, these days I find myself having to use dropbox (and making new accounts and re-uploading my files twice a day to keep up with demand because of the limit there). 

When I try to use, it will either say "Looks like we've hit a snag!" and not let me add the link to my modpack location (happens consistently no matter the time, day, etc.). 

It used to always work where I would add a link such as and it would be fine. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

I have tried adding www. before, and this gets around the "We've hit a snag" error page, and updates the pack, but the download wont work, and players trying to download my pack will just get an error saying they couldn't connect to the download source.

TL:DR: Are any of you using to host your packs, and if so, what are you doing differently from me?


Thank you

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pCloud offers a way to back up your account to their service. However, I do not believe pCloud supports direct file links which are compatible with the platform. I'm in the process of compiling data for what does and doesn't work with the platform, as well as trying to work with the devs to figure out why some links don't work when it seems they should.

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