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Post your IGN seed!

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one thing that interests me about minecraft is everyone has their own ign, and can make a world using that ign. everyone has a world, just for them, that is only accessible with the biggest case of dumb luck ever or by using their IGN. I want everyone to post what kind of world your IGN creates. be as descriptive as possible, and if possible, post pictures. I'll start as an example:

the seed goreae spawns you on a small cluster of forested islands with a half ring of land around it. it's a pretty cool formation on a map. there are plenty of forests, jungles, and taiga biomes in it, with a couple of extreme hills. there are also a couple of plains biomes if you need flat land to build in. one of the plains is to the southwest, where there is also a village. behind the village is a jungle. the village has a library, but no forge.

imgur album here. the first image is screwed up, but it's fine if you click the gear then view at full resolution.

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