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MCPC 1.4.5: ForgeBukkit Lives On!


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I'm curious, if he's making all those accounts just to post. ....

Are you sure you posted in the right thread?

And on a side note... half of the mod makers for the mods in tekkit didn't agree for their mod to be part of the tekkit pack.

And if you want to look at competing mod packs, you should check out Feed the Beast.

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I'm curious, if he's making all those accounts just to post.


Also on a slightly more related note. I did find a modder whos working on competing with tekkit. His plugins and mods are updated to 1.4.5 and use forge (idk if its forge bukkit but its forge clientside). IT's called the better world modpack. So far it looks promising and the mods have very few bugs if any.


This mod-pack has 4 mods...

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Brand new MCPC 1.4.5 with Spigot (www.spigotmc.org). This new update should increase TPS performance by a lot.

Grab the first beta spigot version of MCPC here mcpc-1.4.5-b3.jar(Link to the forum post)

I also updated MoCreatures to 4.3.1-b2.1 which allows you to disable customspawner and use the new spigot version.

NOTE: Golems are currently disabled

Use this MoCreatures cfg if you want to disable customspawner : MoCreatures.cfg

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Woo Spigot! Been using that on my main server since it was released.

(For those who don't know, Spigot is a modified version of Craftbukkit, streamlined and generally a lot smoother to run. It's based off another modified version called Craftbukkit++, which was made by Afforess (who is probably one of the best dev's in the community, IMO))

Also, for all the people who are thinking of leaving Tekkit and not sure where to go, check out Spout. Not the bukkit thing, the actual Spout server - It's not totally done yet, but the concept means you could get anything like Tekkit, and your players would only need the launcher. You could add new mods which give custom entities etc easily without the players having to add the mod on their end, because the client automatically downloads from the server. It's how modding should have been from the start.

For now, I'ma go try out that MCPC 1.4.5 :)

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Where are you getting that "Current MCPC build for 1.4.2 is discontinued," I understand that Alpha was not planning on keeping it going threw all the updates, but you cannot just assume that it will stay dead...even after the origial post of "MCPC is Dead" on the mcpc forums you saw the community (Hint Alpha) take the time to continue the project. So the real point of this post is not to say "Hey! ForgeBukkit is for 1.4.2!" but rather show that no matter what happens there is always going to be that one guy or group that comes out of nowhere to "save the day." So this negative post saying that it should just be left alone is just a waste of time, because you cannot be sure that someone isn't trying their hand at the next version as we "speak."

Everyone just try and stay positive about this topic, if it indeed dies out, then there is no need for anyone to say it.

Also, a lot of plugins do just work with this version, only a few need to be checked. Essentials for Example, and still that only took a total of what....4 lines of Code to Fix...Anyone that can decomplie a plugin can take 5 mins to Copy/Paste from a tut.

Sorry for the real late reply :)

I knew that since i talk to Alpha at a daily basis as he is our serverdev. But im glad to see that someone has taken over the project, thats really awesome!

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