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The 20-Slot MultiWorld server.

Factions, survival, economy, and much, much, more features come along with My-Tekk! We have a hardcore faction world, with raid, pvp, and grief, while we still entertain the survival and no-pvp feel to a tekkit server.

What are the rules?

  1. Respect Staff at all costs.
  2. You hack, you die.
  3. No griefing (in the survival world), period.
  4. Cursing is not prohibited, but can be taken away.
  5. Don't spam the server
  6. Don't use destructive tools at spawn, it's just not cool. (:
  7. Racism/Supportion of Swastikas/Anything against races, religion, or sexism is completely forbidden.

The banned items?

  1. The "Nuke"
  2. Terraformer
  3. Destruction Catalyst
  4. World Anchor
  5. Dimensional Anchor

That's all!

What's the IP?

The IP is:

The website is:




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This server is crap, I got banned for "attempting to dupe" when I didn't even try to do so, unlike every 4 year old on Tekkit I find duping to make the game pointless and boring as hell.

I believe you were the one with 12 stacks of Red Matter within 24 hours? Care to explain?

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